100+ Gym Hairstyles for Long Hair

I am fairly predictable when it comes to styling my hair for the gym. My go-to gym hairstyles, include your typical ponytail, braided ponytail, or in a braid. I am tired of wearing those same gym hairstyles so I decided to search Pintest for some new ideas. As I was browsing the Pinterest, I thought that I couldn’t be the only who had this same problem so I decided to share my new gym hairstyles for long hair with you.
100+ Gym Hairstyles to Long Hair
I have added a ton of pins that feature over 100+ gym hairstyles for long hair that you can try next time you are headed to the gym or workout. Even though dressing up for the gym isn’t required, I do like my hair out of my face and way so that I can concentrate on my activities. I don’t need my hair getting caught in the machines.

I also use my go-to gym hairstyles when I go to physical therapy. My hair tends to get caught in the special weight machines that are designed for people who have neck and back injuries. I usually have to push my hair out of the way so that I don’t pull my hair every time I do a repetition. Ouch! Click on the pin to see additional hairstyles too.

Try these 100+ gym hairstyles for long hair!

Are you bored with your go-to gym hairstyles for long hair like me? I know that I am not the only one who gets bored wearing their hair the same exact way every time they go to the gym. Since my hair is down to my back, I have to find the perfect gym hairstyles to keep my hair from getting in my face or keep it out of the way when I use weight machines.

Which of these gym hairstyles for long hair are you planning on trying the next time that you head to the gym?

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. I always end up with a pony tail when I work out. Sometimes it will end up in a bun. I want to try the twisted double buns next time.

  2. Ohhh I totally forgot about some of these! I used to do my daughters super long hair in some of these styles. Now my hair is long and I needed some ideas. The bubble ponytail is SUPER easy to do and looks so cute!

  3. Love this! I have really long hair and every time I go to work out, it just ends up in a really messy bun and I’d rather have some cute styles

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