12 Proven Ways to Keep Your Toddler Healthy and Happy

Do you have a toddler or young child in your home? Toddlers and young children are typically very curious and need constant supervision. In the blink of an eye, they can be off getting into something or trying to run out the door. Today, I wanted to share with you some ideas on how to keep your toddler healthy and happy.

Introduce Your Toddler Fruits and Vegetables Early

Toddlers and young children can be super picky eaters growing up. I found that introducing my own children to fruits and vegetables at an early age made a huge difference. Plus, fruits and vegetables provide essential micro-nutrients that your child’s growing body needs.

I always follow the “one-bite” rule in our house so that my kids actually try something before they tell me that they don’t like it. Most kids will usually say they don’t like something before they have even tried it based on the appearance, smell, or just because they are scared. Please don’t get frustrated with them if they do take a bite and don’t like it. This is a normal reaction. Never force them to eat something that they say that they don’t like after they have at least tried it. However, you can keep encouraging them to keep trying it. It takes up to 8 to 10 times for a child to reject a food before they actually decide if they like it. So keep offering them healthy food choices until they have had a chance to determine if they really like it or not.

Give Them a Multi-vitamin

I highly suggest that you give your child a multivitamin on a daily basis. It will ensure that they are getting enough of the macronutrients that their growing bodies need. I highly suggest the gummy vitamin to help keep your toddler healthy and happy.

Use a Video Baby Monitor

I loved using a video baby monitor with my youngest son. I got one that has multiple cameras and set one up in his bedroom and one in the living room so that I could always keep an eye on him. There are a wide variety of baby monitors on diapers.com. I suggest that you find one that has multiple cameras so that you can set them up in the areas that your toddler normally plays in. When choosing a baby monitor, do make sure that you ensure that it has the safety features to ensure that strangers can’t hack into your system. I know that this is a huge concern for many parents after the horrifying story about a man talking to a child over a baby monitor a few years ago.

Use Safety Equipment Around Your Home

Make sure that you baby proof your home; preferably, before your child is mobile. Safety equipment will help keep your toddler healthy and happy. It only takes a moment for your child to get into something that they should. Here is a list of basic safety items that you need:

  • baby gate
  • electric outlet covers
  • power strip covers
  • door locks
  • edge and corner guards
  • furniture straps
  • safety latches for kitchen/bathroom cabinets
  • toilet lock
  • faucet extender
  • bed rail if you have switched your child to a big bed

Keep a First Aid Kit in Your Home and Car

Toddlers and young children are a bit clumsy. You will want to keep a first aid kit in your home and car so that you are prepared for emergencies or scraps and scratches. Don’t forget to leave a list of emergency phone numbers on your refrigerator. I usually memorize phone numbers but in the heat of an emergency, I tend to forget things or find that I need to google the phone number (which takes valuable time away in an emergency situation).

Schedule a Yearly Well-Baby Check Up

Do schedule your child a yearly well baby check-up. It is a great time to bring up any concerns about your child. Plus, your doctor can monitor your child’s height and weight. Even if your child is overweight, never cut their calories. Instead, make sure that you start serving them more nutritious food choices.

12 Proven Ways to Keep Your Toddler Healthy and Happy

Start Taking your Child to the Dentist

It is important to take care of your toddler’s teeth and start teaching them healthy dental hygiene. I highly suggest that your child to the dentist once they start getting their teeth in. However, if you haven’t taken your child to the dentist yet, schedule an appointment today. Most dental plans cover the cost of cleanings twice a year. Plus, your dentist can address any dental problems before they become a huge problem. A small problem can easily be taken care of and generally isn’t very expensive compared to waiting until your child complains (just remember that some problems don’t exhibit any symptoms until there is an infection).


Do engage your toddler or young child in exercise activities. There are a ton of fun things that you can do with your child that encourage your child to move. My kids always loved going to the park, playing ball outside, ect

Limit Screen Time

Kids are spending too much time in front of a screen. It is important that you limit your toddler’s screen time. If your child doesn’t go to daycare, you can find a variety of preschool materials, board games, books, and other activities for you to do with your child.

12 Proven Ways to Keep Your Toddler Healthy and Happy

Teach Them to Wash Their Hands

If your toddler or young child is potty training, it is important to teach them how to start washing their hands each time they use the restroom or before eating dinner. You can also teach them to use small amounts of hand sanitizer on their hands between handwashing.

Start Making Them Aware of How Germs are Spread

Plus, now is also a good time to talk to your child about putting their hands on their face and in their mouth. My son’s doctor told my youngest that touching his face or putting his hands in his mouth spreads germs and causes illnesses. You also want to teach them to sneeze or cough into a tissue or into their arm.


Ensure that your child gets plenty of sleep including naps as needed. According to the Clevland Clinic, toddlers need at least 12 to 14 hours of sleep over a 24-hour period and preschoolers need at least 11 to 13 hours of sleep. Keeping a routine and set bedtime can help your child maintain a healthy sleep schedule.

Toddlers and young children tend to be curious and need constant supervision. It only takes a minute or less for them to potentially get into something that they aren’t supposed to. I hope that you enjoyed these tips on how to keep your toddler healthy and happy.

Which of these 12 proven ways to keep your toddler healthy and happy do you need to implement? What other tips do you have to keep your toddler healthy?