Month: July 2015

7 Reasons to Add Strength Training to Your Workout Routine

Are you currently adding strength training to your work out routine? Strength training allows you to build lean muscle mass for a leaner body. Do you think of those body builders that have huge muscles when you hear the word weight lifting and weight training machines? You’re not alone. Most people don’t realize that adding strength training several times a week is beneficial to your overall health that you can’t get by doing cardio alone. You don’t even have to have an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment in order to start building lean muscle. Learn more about the benefits of...

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6 Benefits of Using a Pedometer

Do you have a pedometer? A pedometer is a device that is made to detect motion in a person’s hips or arms so that it can count the number of steps that you take in a day. Even though a typical person doesn’t have the same step stride, most of the newer pedometer’s automatically determine the variations in a person’s step so that it can calculate your stride so that your steps are accurately counted. Many people realize that exercising is good for you but not everyone makes to time to exercise on a regular basis. Health experts recommend...

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9 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Stress

What do you think of when you hear the word stress? Do you automatically tense up or get anxious? Stressful situations cause your brain’s natural response to any demand that you encounter on a daily basis. You were given the ability to make life-saving decisions in a flash called “flight or fight instinct”. However, when a person is constantly stressed out the body is sending the same signals that are sent during a fight or flight situation; however, they constantly being fired in short bursts. The short bursts that are continually fired can cause your body to suppress functions that...

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Best Running Gear for the Devoted Runner

One of the great things about running is that it doesn’t require a lot of equipment. However, there are a few essentials on my list that make my morning run much more enjoyable. Check out my list of best running gear for the devoted runner! Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Good Running Shoes – Nike Air Max 2015 If you plan on running outside or on a treadmill, you need to wear proper footwear that is designed for running. Running is super hard on your joints and knees. It is important to make sure that you are...

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Enter to Win an Aurorae Microfiber Sport and Swim Towel Giveway Ends 7/30

Welcome to the Aurorae Microfiber Sport and Swim Towel Giveaway Sponsored by: Parenting Healthy I love swimming with my family. However, when I get out of the pool I am usually disappointed because most of the super thin beach towels don’t cut it. Erinn at Parenting Healthy tested the Aurorae sports towel. Her son enjoys playing at the splash pad during the summer and when he is finished her son doesn’t take the time to dry off. Instead, he usually tries to get into the car soaking wet. This towel did a great job absorbing the water and helped keep...

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