Month: January 2016

Don’t Buy a Treadmill Until You Read These Expert Tips

  Don’t buy a treadmill until you read these expert tips. Buying a treadmill should be considered an investment in your health. So as you set out to the fitness store or are browsing treadmills online, it wouldn’t surprise me if you were feeling a bit overwhelmed with the selection. Most stores carry a wide variety of treadmills to fit everyone’s needs and can make the process of choosing a good machine a bit harder. Continue reading these expert tips before you buy a treadmill. Budget This is probably the most important thing that you want to consider when...

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How to Prevent Back Pain While Working

Have you ever experienced a dull pain in the back area after a long day at work? Or do you often have back-related issues after sitting in front of the computer all day? Many people who are bound to the office on daily basis are prone to suffering different health issues including posture issues, dull and sharp pains in the back and spine area, neck problems and similar. Back pain isn’t something to be taken lightly as being exposed to frequent back pain could lead to more severe conditions. Because of this, we have prepared a couple of tips on...

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Bathroom Germs You Really Can Catch

We have all watched those commercials that advertise bathroom cleaning products. An animated germ with big teeth that look like an alien caricature is there to harm us, but luckily, we are protected with our cleaning chemicals. The truth is, there are billions germs and bacteria everywhere, even in our own body, but only 1%-2% of all of them are pathogenic and can make us ill. Most household cleansers can properly deal with harmful germs, so it is important for homeowners to maintain and sterilize their bathrooms regularly. These are the most common types of harmful germs that might...

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40 Facts About Fitness Infographic

Are you currently living a sedentary lifestyle, overweight, or just looking to get healthy? I haven’t personally been active in several years and this year I am going to work hard to become healthier as I continue to recover from back surgery. I have been trying to get up and move throughout the day even if it is to walk around the house or outside to go check the mail. At the moment, my doctor has me just walking as much as possible to get my muscles used to moving again especially the muscles that the doctor had to...

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8 Must Have Items to Put in Your Gym Bag #TryDry

Did you set a New Year’s resolution to get healthy and head to the gym? If you did, you aren’t alone. Gyms are usually packed during the first several months of the year but as time goes on the number of people slowly dwindles back to those who are serious about their commitment to working out on a regular basis. Whether you are heading to the gym before work, during your lunch time, or when you plan on not going home after you have spent time working out, here is a list of 8 must have items to put in...

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