Month: April 2017

3 Benefits of Cold Water Immersion

Cold water immersion, also known as cold water therapy is a type of therapy athletes do after they work out. It is basically taking a bath with cold water or submerging your body in a tub full of ice and water for a short period of time. A bath in cold water activates the person’s ability to repair broken tissues and reduce the swelling of the muscles. It also removes the waste product of the body after exercising. Cold Water Immersion Improves Body Function Cold water therapy tightens your blood vessels. This process helps your body get rid of...

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What is the Best Solution for Women’s Hair Loss? #Divatress #beauty #ad

Disclosure: Thank you Divatress for sponsoring today’s conversation. All opinions and ideas are 100% my own. Hair loss is a common fear that most men face as they get older. However, women can also suffer from hair loss too. Ever since I was a teenager, I have always had thick, lush hair so losing my hair hasn’t been a huge concern for me until last year. One of the side effects of my medication that helps control my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms is hair loss. I am super thankful that my hair loss was only temporary but it got me thinking...

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How to Break-Up with Your Negative Thought Patterns

Stress is considered one of the most critical contributors to various diseases in the world. According to experts, a person must do their best to combat stress using healthy coping skills. Learning how to overcome negative thinking can turn any situation from doom and gloom to something positive by changing your outlook. Don’t get me wrong, some cases it is easy to think the worst automatically. But you can train your mind to shift your thinking from negative to positive. A positive mindset is more productive and helps you accomplish things. Negative thinking can quickly generate a truckload of...

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How to Manage Housework with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can make managing housework difficult but these tasks have to be done at some point. Daily chores are part of life and if you don’t manage the light housework with chronic pain, it can easily get out of control. If you haven’t followed along with my story, I have had to deal with chronic low back pain for 6 years and I opted to have major back surgery to fix my disc at L5-S1. It was a painful surgery but it was worth it even though it didn’t solve my pain issues after extensive physical therapy. A few...

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Getting Off The Couch: How to Motivate Kids to Be Active

The problem of “couch potatoes” has been long present and every following generation of children seems to take less interest in sports and exercise. Endless hours of sitting in front of TV and computer have led to an increased number of overweight and obese children in the world. Parents and schools need to set a good example and motivate their children to become more physically active. Here are some ideas on how to make your children more enthusiastic about sports. Benefits of an Active Life The task of parents and teachers is to explain children the benefits of being...

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