5 Running Tips to Maximize Your Weight Loss

What’s your favorite physical activity? For many people, running is an activity that is good for both the body and soul. Running can help you increase your heart rate, burn calories, and shed pounds. Emax Health recently posted a few running tips for weight loss. We’ve combined their list with our favorite running tips to help you maximize your weight loss.

5 Running Tips to Maximize Your Weight Loss

  1. Kick up the intensity. It’s no secret that increasing your activity helps burn more calories. If your schedule doesn’t allow for more time dedicated to fitness, try increasing your intensity. We recommend that you try this gradually. You do not need to go overboard right away, but simply picking up the pace slightly can help your heart rate and burn more calories. If your schedule allows for a 30-minute run, running slightly faster will enable you to run even further!
  2. Try intervals. High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is widely popular for not only runners but athletes of all kinds and novice fitness enthusiasts alike. With this type of training, runners engage in short bursts of high-intensity sprints alternating brief periods of recovery between. To test this out, first, warm up with 5 minutes of moderate cardio, then try sprinting for a minute followed by a minute of a slightly slower than usual pace. Repeat this for the duration of your run.
  3. Head for the hills. Another way to change up your routine and add some intensity to your workout is to increase your incline. Whether you are a treadmill runner or stick to the great outdoors, hill training can be extremely beneficial to improve your pace, and also burn more fat and calories.
  4. Pay attention to pre-run fuel. What you eat before you get active plays a big role in how you feel, how your body performs, and how well you burn calories during your activity. Refrain from large portions, or fatty, greasy foods before you run. Instead, reach for a small portion of protein and healthy carbs to fuel your fitness activity. We also recommend that you try running on empty once in awhile. A few studies show that running in a fasted state, such as before breakfast, may result in greater fat loss. If you’re going to try this, we recommend sticking to a shorter distance at first.
  5. Change it up. Getting bored with your running routine? If your activity feels stagnant, there’s a chance that your body is going into a “plateau” mode. When our bodies hit a fitness plateau, results can seem to come to a halt, and it can be frustrating. By changing up your routine, running new routes, hills, or longer distances can help you break out of the plateau, work different muscles, and burn more calories.

5 Running Tips to Maximize Your Weight Loss

Running is an excellent opportunity to get active indoors or outdoors and could help you see weight loss results quickly alongside a healthy diet plan. These 5 running tips we have included for you are a sure way to get you on the path to burning more fat and losing more weight!

Which of these 5 running tips will you try first? Do you have any other running tips to suggest?

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  1. These are all indeed great tips for maximizing weight loss from running. It is important to switch it up as well as running for the hills. You will get a better workout when you are running up hill. Thanks for sharing the information.

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