6 Sure-Fire Ways to Drink More Water Everyday

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Drink More Water Everyday

D0 you struggle with drinking plenty of water during the day? I personally struggle with drinking enough water throughout the day. I need to follow my own advice in this post and start drinking more water. Check out my favorite ways on how to drink more water throughout the day. Try these 6 sure-fire ways to drink more water everyday.

Disclosure: I received a free Kuuk fruit infusion pitcher in order to facilitate this post. All opinions and ideas are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Ice Cold Water

I can’t drink tap water very easily. I love to have my water super ice cold. I usually fill my cup up with ice and then add my water. We have super hard water so I typically drink bottled or filtered water.

Infused Water

Kuuk Fruit Infusion Pitcher

One of my favorite ways to drink water is to infuse it with fruit. I had a water bottle that allowed me to infuse without having to worry about getting the fruit with every sip. I loved the water bottle so much when I got the opportunity to get Kuuk fruit infusion pitcher, I decided to give it a try. I plan on filling up the pitcher using my favorite infused recipes and leaving it overnight in the refrigerator so that it is ready for the next day. This pitcher is made from 100% food-safe acrylic and is BPA-free. Total capacity is 93 ounces (80 ounces of liquid and 13 ounces of fruit). I am also hoping that having fruit infused water readily available will have my entire family reaching for water more often too. Only downside to this pitcher is the lid doesn’t completely seal which means that the water will spill out if it is tipped over and it will absorb odors from other things in the refrigerator.


I am more likely to drink water that is flavored. I often pick up the zero calorie drops. There are a ton of different flavors available and even some with caffeine in case you are trying to stop drinking sodas completely. They do contain artificial flavoring and chemicals. So if you are wanting a healthier option, you should try infused water with fruit, herbs, vegetables, ect.

Fill Up a Glass

I will drink just about whatever I put into a glass and sip on it throughout the day. So next time you are looking for a drink, fill up a glass full of water and sip on it throughout the day.

Use an App to Track your Water Intake

I love using MyFitness Pal for logging all of my food intake. It also has a feature to log your water intake. Did you know that you are more likely to reach your goals if you use an app to track your progress? MyFitness Pal is a free app and it is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

Try Sparkling Water

I will be the first to admit that I am addicted to the fizz of soda. When I started my weight loss journey almost 16 weeks ago, I started picking up the sparkling water as an alternative to diet soda. I love that the sparkling water has the fizz that I am looking for and they are zero calorie too.

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Drink More Water Everyday

Bonus: Teach you Kids at a Young Age

This is one thing that I wish that my mom would have instilled in us when we were younger. We didn’t always get soda but we weren’t forced to drink water either. Offer your kids plenty of water to drink throughout the day so that the habit sticks.

It is super important to drink plenty of water everyday. Water is not only needed for survival but it can help you keep your weight in check, it helps your skin, and your body will thank you. I hope that you enjoyed these 6 sure-fire ways to drink more water everyday help you meet your water intake goals.

Do you struggle with drinking enough water everyday? Which one of these 6 sure-fire ways to drink more water everyday are you going to implement first?

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  1. I definitely need to try one of the fruit infusing pitchers! I have had my eye on one for awhile, and just haven’t gotten around to actually getting it! 🙂 Love this post! SO many good tips and pointers here!

  2. I only drink water. I have a huge jug of water that is almost a gallon. If I drink 1 and a half of them a day, I have gotten enough water.

  3. I drink almost all water and I always forget that you can infuse it with something LOL! I still need to drink more, but I am doing better at drinking it! I will have to try the app and see if that will help remind me.

    1. I think the app would be a great way to track your water intake or even set reminders in Google Calendar too. Keep it up.

  4. I have never had any issues with drinking water. I love it ice cold. It is so refreshing. I love how I feel the cold water going down my esophagus and into my tummy! It is the best way to stay hydrated. Another great way to replenish lost electrolytes (due to sweating in the summer) is to drink coconut water. Yummy!

  5. Great tips! Water is my go to drink, and sometimes I’ll find myself at the end of the day not even hitting the minimum amount I should be drinking. I use to use an app to keep track, and will start doing that again to help me stay accountable. Great post!

    1. Your doing a great job keep it up. Hopefully, you can meet your water intake goals with these ideas too.

  6. These are all great tips. I love drinking water and it’s actually about all I ever drink. I have no issue being able to get my water in daily and I’m thankful for that.

  7. These are fabulous tips! I definitely need to work on upping my water intake, because I’ve been terrible about it for a while now and my body is hurting from it.

    1. Angie, your not alone. I struggle with my daily water intake as well. I’m trying to drink more too and follow my own advice.

  8. I’m almost the opposite of you 🙂 I prefer my water room temp, unflavored and if I sip, I will never get down a decent amount. I need to fill a glass, kill it and get another one in an hour.

  9. Hubby and I had to teach ourselves to drink water instead of other drinks, so we did like you suggested, and taught our kids to drink it right from the start. We kept juice to a minimum and really pushed the water. It worked – they still reach for water before other options!

    1. That is awesome Megan, I do let my kids have soda as a treat. I try to encourage them to drink mostly water.

  10. I love fruit infused water. I like to see how many different combinations I can make and flavors I can come up with. Nothing beats a good cucumber infused water though.

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