8 Must Have Items to Put in Your Gym Bag

Did you set a New Year’s resolution to get healthy and head to the gym? If you did, you aren’t alone. Gyms are usually packed during the first several months of the year but as time goes on the number of people slowly dwindles back to those who are serious about their commitment to working out on a regular basis. Whether you are heading to the gym before work, during your lunch time, or when you plan on not going home after you have spent time working out, here is a list of 8 must have items to put in your gym bag.

Disclosure: I received a samples of Dove Dry Spray and Dove Men+Care Dry Spray for free from Influenster. All opinions are 100% my own.

Sweat Towel

Most gyms will provide a towel for you to use while at their facility; however, during peak times it is possible that there won’t be any towels available for you to use. Keeping one handy in your gym bag will ensure that you will always have a sweat towel handy. Plus, if you use your own you can continue to wear it out the gym door.

Full Sized Microfiber Towel

It is best to keep a full sized microfiber towel in your bag so that you can shower in the locker room if needed.

Change of Clothes

Don’t forget to keep a spare set of clothes and socks in your gym bag. You never know when they might come in handy. Having a pair of socks stashed in your gym bag, especially during the summer time, when you are likely to be wearing inappropriate gym shoes into the gym.

Travel Sized Toiletries

Toss a few travel sized toiletries in your gym bag and you will never have to worry about not having shampoo, conditioner, or soap in case you need to shower after your work out. Don’t forget shower shoes or those cheap .99 cent sandals too. Having cheap sandals will keep your feet from picking up germs or fungus off the floor.

Don’t Forget Items to Freshen Up

I love carrying around a package of baby wipes in my gym bag. They are perfect for freshening up when I don’t have time for a shower or they are full when I am in a hurry. Don’t forget to pack Dove Dry spray. It is perfect for packing in your gym bag especially if you leave it in the car on a super hot day. You don’t have to worry about it making a huge mess in your gym bag.

Hair Care

If you aren’t planning on going home after working out, you should toss some hair items in your gym bag. Again travel sized items work great and aren’t too bulky. I used to keep a brush with some pony tail holders in my bag and left it in there so that I always had a way to fix my hair.

Reusable Water Bottle

It is super important to stay hydrated when you are working out. Grab one of your reusable water bottles from home and toss it in your gym bag. You can refill it at the gym using the water fountain.

Wireless Headphones

Do you enjoy listening to music while you workout? Don’t forget to put a set of headphones in your gym bag. I personally like using blue tooth headphones. Headphones with cords can get tangled up in equipment or even get pulled out of your ear while you are working out.


I always carried a lock so that I could lock up my personal belongings while I worked out. Never leave your valuables unlocked while you are working out.

I always carried some essential items in my gym bag so that I had everything that I might need while I am at the gym. I hope that this list was helpful as you are packing your own bag.

Photo Credit: Tiverylucky via Free Digital Photos

What other items do you keep in your gym bag?