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5 Things Gynecologists Wish Every Woman Would Know

Even women who are completely comfortable with their gynecologist still usually have some insecurities before their appointments. Most patients are worried about exam preparation and talking about their private and intimate life, but the fear number one is the fear of being judged. However, you’ll completely forget about all your fears and worries when you hear these five things gynecologists wish every woman would know before going to their well-woman exam. Don’t Skip Appointments Because you’re Menstruating If you think your ob-gyn will be grossed-out by your menstrual blood, then you’re wrong. Most gynecologists have performed many natural births...

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How to Choose the Right Fitness Program for You

Today, choosing a fitness program isn’t as easy as it used to be. There are so many different classes, workout concepts, equipment and gear that it can be quite overwhelming to make a choice. So, if you want to be sure you have picked the best program for you, you must take several things into consideration. Here are some of the steps you can’t skip when creating a fitness program that will work and allow you to stick to it. Choose the Appropriate Level for your Shape If you’re a total exercise beginner or someone who hasn’t exercised in...

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Top 5 Sports for Your Child

Not only is physical activity essential for the healthy growth of your child, but it also has various psychological benefits. Letting your kids spend time outdoors, playing football, basketball or some other sport will help them develop healthy habits that will make their lives much better and keep them healthy. Therefore, choose one or two sports from the myriad of good options to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your child. Basketball One of the reasons you should consider basketball as a sport for your child is the fact that it’s great for their hand-eye coordination. Quick passes and dribbling...

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How to Stay Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle

We all have a daily routine, and for most of us focus on getting through the day as quickly and efficiently as possible, because, let’s face it – there just aren’t enough hours in a day. But while we’re running around trying to hold it all together, we sometimes forget that we can’t do any of that if we are not in good shape to do it, and yet we keep sidelining our health and never give it the attention it deserves. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice anything in order to stay healthy, and here’s how to do...

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7 Bad Habits that are Harming Your Eyes

Most of us make bad health decisions daily on a daily basis and we know it. We all know what lack of physical activity does to our bodies and how junk food affects our figure. However, not many people know how some bad habits affect their vision and eye health. So, here are some of the most common things people do that harm their eyes. Not Wearing Prescription Glasses or Sunglasses Wear glasses your doctor prescribed to you! If you don’t, you’ll squint which leads to eyestrain and pain. It’s also a common reason people have headaches. Additionally, when...

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