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Teacher Approved Supplies for Cold and Flu Season

Summer has flown by so quickly and we are getting ready to send the boys back to school. Each year teachers compile a list of school supplies that they anticipate your child to use during the year but they have to keep in mind that classroom storage is prime real estate. Once cold and flu season shows up hits, kids are walking around sniffling, sneezing, and coughing spreading germs with their others. We get it that you can’t keep your child home for every sniffle or a cough, especially, if your child has been diagnosed with allergies. But teachers would...

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7 Delicious Foods That Promote Strong, Healthy Hair

Having healthy and shiny hair starts with the right diet. Although there are various treatments available to have nice looking hair, it is still important to eat the right food. Eating right is the most natural way for you to have healthy hair without having to spend a bunch of money on expensive hair treatments at the beauty salon. These foods listed below are not only healthy, but they are also beneficial for your hair. Eating these foods on a regular basis can help you grow stronger and healthier strands. Salmon Salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty...

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How to Improve Your Summer Sleep Schedule

Do you struggle with getting enough sleep in the summer? Between longer days and warmer temperatures, you may notice that your summer sleep schedule tends to suffer and leave you feeling sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can leave you feeling grumpy, feel out of it, or with daytime fatigue. Long-term sleep deprivation can leave you vulnerable for a variety of health problems, increased depression, weight gain, problems thinking or making decisions, and even put you at risk of having a car accident. Texas summer temperatures can be brutal when temperatures are still hovering in the 90s by the time you should...

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How to Safely Exercise Outdoors When It’s Extremely Hot Outside #ad

“This conversation was sponsored by BODYARMOR Sports Drink. All ideas and opinions are 100% my own.” Do you exercise outdoors during the summer? Your summer exercise routine doesn’t have to end just because it is hot outside to exercise outdoors. But it is important that you use extreme caution and use our safety tips. Our safety tips will ensure that you know what it takes to safely exercise outdoors when it’s extremely hot outside. Just being outdoors in Texas can easily make you feel like you are melting without even exercising so we know first hand how important it is...

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9 Skinny Root Beer Float Recipes

Did you know that August 6th is National Root Beer Float day? I know I know, who needs a declared national day to enjoy a good root beer float. Root beer floats are often referred to as “black cow” or “brown cow”. Whether it is the nostalgic memories of sitting at the diner with your family or making your own at home, root beer floats have been around since 1894. Robert McCay Green was serving flavored drinks to his customers on a hot summer day. He ran out of ice to put in the drinks and started using vanilla...

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