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4 Reasons it is Important to Have a Family Dentist

Dental care should be non-negotiable for everyone as it is one of the most fundamental requirements for an overall healthy body. Oral hygiene is taught at an early age and having the right dentist with you as you and your family grow is highly beneficial. While any registered, licensed dentist is capable of providing you with the dental and oral care that you need; having a family dentist gives you more benefits. Sticking to having one dentist for the whole family gives you an enormous advantage that you will not get from changing dentists every now and then.  Family...

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5 Tips to Overcoming Sleep Apnea

Characterized by abnormal pauses while breathing during sleep, sleep apnea is an obstructive or central disorder. Obstructive sleep apnea is more common than central apnea. Suddenly waking up startled, shallow breaths, and uncontrollable pauses during sleep can cause sleep apnea. It’s more than just heavy snoring and not only causes poor quality sleep, but also a reduction in the quality of life you are living. According to findings of a recent study, elderly women with sleep apnea risk developing dementia. It was found that experiencing sleep apnea at least 15 times in a night increases an elderly woman’s risk...

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4 Trending Women’s Health Tips for 2018

There are many things that factor into health, whether it is physical or emotional health on which one wants to focus. In addition, there are strong arguments for the idea that mental and physical health are intertwined. There are many things that women specifically should be focusing on when it comes to maintaining their health. Vitamins There are many vitamins that are important for anyone to be consuming, but women in particular. These include the antioxidant vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E), as well as all of the B vitamins, which includes folate. Vitamin D and Vitamin...

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Make Your Home Workouts Better with These Tips!

We’re well into February now, and the majority of the population by this point in time has left their New Year’s resolutions behind. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick back up again and keep going. Especially for those of you who have health-related goals, it’s so important to continue working to keep your body healthy. We’ve partnered with Quality Home Fitness, a provider of home fitness equipment for Twin Falls residents, to bring you these tips to help you with your home workouts. Water Bottle One of the most important things, when you’re working out (and if you...

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17 Healthy Valentine’s Day Desserts

What do you have planned for Valentine’s day? Valentine’s day during the week makes it harder to sneak out on a date night so we usually opt to go before or after. Both my husband and I, always enjoy a good dessert. However, we are watching our weight, dessert has to be accounted for and worked into our daily calorie limits. Depending on our daily calorie intake, will depend if we indulge. These healthy Valentine’s day desserts can be worked into our daily calorie limits and allow us to enjoy our dessert without the guilt. This year, I don’t want...

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