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Vitamin D Deficiency 101 + Infographic

Vitamin D deficiency is a growing nutritional deficiency that is a widely undiagnosed problem for a growing number of children and adults. According to a study by Harvard University, there are over 1 billion people worldwide suffering from Vitamin D deficiency.  When left untreated, this nutritional deficiency can lead to Rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults, it can cause your bones to soften and weaken. Vitamin D helps the bones absorb calcium and phosphate and allows for proper bone mineralization. The best way to absorb this vitamin is through your skin. Your skin absorbs ultraviolet rays from the sun and the...

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6 Ways To Have Pain-free, Healthy Hips

Your hips were made for walking, and many more important activities. Here are a couple ways to make sure they do exactly that without any pain. Hips are one of those important body parts that you don’t really think about until they start to hurt. And most of the time you only notice because hips that hurt or ache inevitably end up affecting most of the movement and activities that you do every day. It can also be tough because some problems that seem like they originate in your lower back or legs are in fact problems that stem...

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Is Bad Posture Harming Your Health?

Is poor posture harming your health? Your bad posture can lead to body changes that aren’t normal or cause the body to align properly. There is good news, it is correctable but it is going to take time. The amount of time varies from patient to patient and it depends on the severity of the problem. We don’t want to make false promises and give you incorrect information so if you do suffer from bad posture it is best to talk to your doctor. Your doctor can take x-rays to rule out any potential medical problems. They can also...

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How to Dine Out Without Blowing Your Healthy Eating Habits

Do you enjoy dining out on the weekends or on a special occasion? Eating healthy is easier when you are at home and can take the time to plan your meals. What if I told you that it was possible to dine out and still lose weight or even maintain your goal weight? Yes, you heard me correctly. You can dine out and still lose weight with careful planning. Typically, when you arrive at the restaurant you immediately crack open the menu and browse the selections. Without careful planning, you find yourself ordering your favorite pasta meal with the...

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9 Habits that Fit People Follow to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Are you jealous of those who seem to maintain a healthy weight without much effort? *Raises hand*. I’ve personally struggled with weight gain as a young adult. As a teenager, I was very active and overall I ate fairly decent(at least I thought I did). Little did I know that my eating habits weren’t up to par but I also didn’t exercise either. I slowly gained weight until my weight soared to over 200lbs at the age of 21. Even though I was obese, looking back, I never thought that I looked that big. But I now I admit...

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