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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Snacking Under Control

You might think grabbing a few pieces of candy from the secretaries desk, samples at the grocery store on the way home from work, or even a snack from the snack machine every afternoon isn’t harmful but if you are constantly snacking throughout the day, all of those calories can add up to an alarming rate if you were to track everything that you eat. All of those snacks between meals can easily add several pounds to the scale pretty quick. I often find that I am hungry between lunch and dinner time and instead of reaching for unhealthy snacks,...

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10 Protein Packed Smoothies That You Need To Try

Whether you are an avid gym goer or need a healthy, energizing start to your morning, you’re probably always on the hunt for a yummy new protein fix. Summit Dental Care, a dentist in Twin Falls, knows the importance of protein in a healthy diet. So they’ve helped us compile this list of protein packed smoothies (with a bonus at the end!). Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Who doesn’t love chocolate? Try this simple recipe to get a protein fix and satisfy that chocolate craving. Ingredients: ½ cup milk, 1 ½ tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp honey, ½ tbsp cocoa...

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26 Healthy Carrot Cake Inspired Recipes to Prepare on National Carrot Cake Day

Do you love carrot cake? Guess what, February 3rd has been reserved for National Carrot Cake Day. We wanted to share these healthy versions of this popular dessert dating back the medieval period. Historians believe that carrot cake evolved from carrot pudding. During the middle ages, sugar was hard to find and it was very expensive in Britain. Carrots were combined with the cake mixture to help add a sweet flavor. Over the years, bakers have added sugar to the cake batter and it is far from the recipe that was used during the medieval period. Even though carrots...

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5 Tips to Stopping Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is experienced by a large number of people. It is mostly signified by a sudden, sharp pain and is caused by a number of factors which includes sprain, improper movement of the spinal joints, vertebral fractures and other injuries which might occur in the occurrence of an accident. Other causes might be as a result of health conditions like arthritis or kidney infections, although in other cases, people suffering from obesity are also prone to lower back pain. With the right steps, you can reduce and even stop lower back pain without having to undergo any...

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Turkey Bacon Breakfast Burritos #ad

  In 2018, my plan was to restart my weight loss journey but things haven’t gone exactly as I had planned. I had every intention of making 2018 better by choosing to eat healthier meals. I also wanted to restart my weight loss journey but I just can’t find it in me to just do it. I’m also embarrassed to admit that I have gained almost all of the weight back that worked so hard to lose two years ago. Sugar has been my biggest hurdle since Thanksgiving and I haven’t figured out how to overcome it. My body seems to...

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