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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to Up Run for Life’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide! Check out our awesome selection of gift ideas. Don’t see what you are looking for, please send me an email so that I can help you find the perfect gift. If you haven’t submitted your product yet, please visit here to submit your product to Up Run for Life 2017 please send me an email (uprunforlifeblog @ with the subject Holiday Gift Guide. Not all products will be picked to be in our guide, we only select products that align with our audience. To access the following gift...

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11 Household Cleaning Tasks That Are Often Overlooked That Help Reduce Allergens

Cleaning can help improve your health and air quality in your home. Newer homes are energy efficient and trap indoor pollutants inside your home. Older homes were designed to be a bit drafty to help reduce indoor air pollution. Indoor pollutants can only escape when we keep doors and windows open to allow fresh air inside. Indoor pollutants and outdoor irritants are sending more people running to the doctor for allergy relief. One of the easiest ways to reduce indoor pollution is to keep your home as clean and keep the clutter at bay. Keeping your home clean not only...

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How to Prevent Weight Gain After Reaching Your Goal Weight

Losing weight is hard work and it is super easy to undo all that hard work if you revert to your old habits. Most people who have lost a significant amount of weight will tell you that it is even hard to keep it off. Most people don’t pay for expensive weight loss solutions, it still took money, time and effort to hit your weight loss goal. Instead, most budget-savvy people turn to cleaning up their diet and exercising more. Last year, I lost 40 pounds and this post just goes to show you that when life gets in the...

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How Often Should You Replace Your Lipstick?

How long has it been since you replaced your lipstick? Lipstick isn’t made to last forever.  Unless you are obsessed with a color, it is highly unlikely that you have ever used an entire tube of lipstick. But chances are you don’t wear your favorite lip color on a daily basis and a tube of lipstick could easily hide in your makeup collection way beyond its recommended use. According to BirchBox, the average tube of lipstick can be swiped 293 times and last three months, if you continued to use your favorite color every day. Disclosure: I received Lipsense...

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Lunchtime Workout: How to Look Professional When You Can’t Shower at Work

Do you ever need freshen up after a lunchtime workout? Most offices usually don’t have a shower for employees to clean up before heading back to work. The last thing you want to do is offend your coworkers with your post workout stench. Working out at lunchtime is a great way to sneak in those extra steps or the opportunity to do some strength training using body weight exercises. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on the links don’t cost you anything; however, it helps keeps the content free. When I worked in the corporate world, I would often...

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