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How to Save Money on Prescription Drug Costs

Have you ever gone to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and your jaw hit the floor when the cashier tells you the total? As a patient with chronic health problems, I have had prescription sticker shock on more than one occasion. According to Bloomberg, Americans spend roughly $1,100 per person on prescription costs each year.  The average amount can quickly skyrocket if you have chronic health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, AIDS, or cancer. Even if your private health insurance picks up a majority of the tab, the increase in prescription costs is passed back to the consumer through...

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3 Retro Backyard Games for the Entire Family

Bring the fun to your backyard this Memorial Day weekend with yard games for all ages. While you’re grilling up hotdogs and hamburgers, friends and family will be striking up friendly competition – and an appetite. Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to spend time outdoors and kick off the summer fun. During the summer, we love grilling out and spending time outside at the swimming pool or we are playing our favorite retro backyard games. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When we are outside during the summer, we tend to spend less time watching television or staring...

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7 Common Car Accident Injuries

Have you ever been involved in a car accident? I was involved in a car accident in 1998 and my memory of that day still haunts me. It had just started raining and the roads were wet. The light had just turned green as I approached the stopped traffic in front of me as I was slowing down. When traffic wasn’t moving as quickly as I was expecting, I had to come to an abrupt stop and the car behind me was following to close. As I looked up in my rearview, my worst fears were about to come...

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How to Build Up Your Ankle Strength

Have you ever sprained your ankle and realized just how fragile yet important the related bones and ligaments are to your daily routines? Have you ever heard someone speak resignedly about their weak ankles? It’s surprising that ankle strength is not often addressed when it comes to physical health unless you already have an injury, but you shouldn’t wait to take care of your ankles until after you get hurt. But why should you give some specific attention to that strength and what are the best ways to build it up? One Muscle Affects the Performance of Other Muscles...

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