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How Mental and Physical Health Are Interrelated

Your body and mind are connected in more ways than one, and if you want to stay healthy, you will have to take care of both. Though, first you will have to understand how one influences the other, and what the things are you can do to help yourself stay healthy and strong. Luckily, if you pay attention to the signs your body is sending you, it will be easy to decipher if you need help or not. Eating Right Is Crucial A balanced diet is more than necessary to keep your body and mind healthy. You should focus...

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Healthy Christmas Cookies to Leave For Santa Claus This Year

Santa Claus is coming to town in a little over a week. Do you leave him cookies or other fun treats? We all know how many cookies Santa eats on Christmas Eve. Try these healthy Christmas cookies to leave for Santa Claus This Year. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Low Fat, Low Carb Chocolate Meringue Cookies These delicious chocolate meringue cookies are the perfect low fat cookie that is not only perfect for Santa Claus but make a great treat year round too. They are roughly 11 calories and 2.7 carbs. You can find the full recipe...

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10 Surprising Ways to Make Your Office Space Healthier

Did you know that you spend a ton of your time in your office or cubical at work? Plus, more Americans are working longer hours to be able to handle their workload. I can’t help you reduce your work load but I did want to help you be able to make your office space your own. Not only can you make your office you own but what if you could make your office space healthier.¬†Try these¬†10 surprising ways to make your office space healthier. Clean Up How long has it been since you took the time to clean up...

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10 Healthy New Year’s Eve Appetizers

I can’t believe that we are already half way through the month of December. Before you know it, we will be busy celebrating the New Year. I always love this time of the year because I get to spend more time with my family. For New Year’s Eve, we usually invite family over to enjoy a fun evening of games, food, and watching the ball drop on T.V. Do you already have New Year’s plans? Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I know that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s eve, most people often forget their diet or try...

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How Nasty is Your Computer Keyboard?

Have you ever stopped and wondered how nasty your computer keyboard in your workplace? I knew that my last job left the computer pretty gross but I never really thought about how disgusting my personal laptop or cell phone is on a given basis. However, after seeing this infographic I plan on cleaning my keyboard immediately. **shudder** Computers are vital in the workplace and often make doing our jobs easier on a given day; however, your keyboard and mouse could be harboring some pretty disgusting germs and bacteria. Those same germs could even potentially make your ill or weaken...

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