Author: Zyana Morris

5 Simple Diet Modifications that Mean Big Weight Loss

Getting rid of weight can become a bit of a problem for some people. The apparent reason, their love for food! The million dollar question is, do you really need to make drastic changes in what you eat to get rid of those pesky pounds? Or can small things make a huge difference in your fitness and inches? Here, you will come across answers that will literally blow your mind away. This not only is because they are simple but also because these are things that you might have done without being aware. Combine these easy weight loss tactics...

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How to Stay Active Over the Age of 65

It’s important for people of all ages to do regular exercises and stay active to live a healthy life but as we age this becomes even more important as our bodies lose strength and vitality. The amount of physical activity people need to do each week depends on the age and the level of fitness. Keep reading to learn how to stay active over the age of 65. Physical Activity is Important for Anyone over the age of 65 For elderly over 65 who are healthy and have no serious health conditions, doctors and healthcare professionals recommend that older...

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Working Out As a Family – Four Creative Ways to Get More Active With Your Kids

Have you considered working out as a family? As a mom, I realize that it can be difficult to fit workouts into a busy schedule, especially with kids at home that need your attention. But because the whole family feels at their best and healthiest when they’re active, here are some activities to try with your kids that can get you all moving. Walk or Run for Charity Joining a fun run for charity is a great activity for all ages. Most of these types of events have special, modified activities and shorter tracks for younger children. Road races...

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