Have you ever stopped and wondered how nasty your computer keyboard in your workplace? I knew that my last job left the computer pretty gross but I never really thought about how disgusting my personal laptop or cell phone is on a given basis. However, after seeing this infographic I plan on cleaning my keyboard immediately. **shudder**

Computers are vital in the workplace and often make doing our jobs easier on a given day; however, your keyboard and mouse could be harboring some pretty disgusting germs and bacteria. Those same germs could even potentially make your ill or weaken your immune system.

How Many Germs and Bacteria are on the Average Computer Keyboard?

Studies have proven there are more than 3,000 organisms per square inch on an average keyboard. Also in the infographic below, you will notice that a British microbiologist swabbed 33 keyboards, 1 toilet seat, and 1 bathroom door handle in an office building. The microbiologist discovered that 4 of the 33 keyboards tested had enough germs and bacteria on them to consider them a health hazard.¬†Another keyboard had 5 times the amount of germs and bacteria than what is found on a toilet seat. Those results are enough to make me cringe and I don’t have to share my computer with any one else.

How to Clean Your Keyboard

There are several ways that you can effectively clean your keyboard and mouse. See the infographic below for more details on how to clean your keyboard and mouse.

How Nasty is Your Computer Keyboard

Infograpic Credit: Dirty Work: How Nasty is Your Keyboard? – Quill.com

Have you ever considered how nasty your computer keyboard might be? Are you going to clean your computer keyboard asap?