A New Study Shows Video Games Have Positive Impact on Children

A New Study Shows Video Games Have Positive Impact on Children

Video games are such a form of entertainment that demands your full attention. This is because video games encourage players to fully engage in its script. They have been around for 30 years and are constantly improving. They are becoming more sophisticated and today require players to engage both physically and emotionally, much more than they when watching TV. Today, 97% of children in U.S. plays video games and the industry is growing even more. Even though many people believe that video games have no positive impact on children, the results of recent studies prove them wrong. Here are a couple of ways video games have positive effect on children.

Quick Thinking and Making Fast Analysis and Decisions

When playing a video game, a player will sometimes will only have a second to make a decision. A cognitive scientist from the University of Rochester, Daphne Bavelier says that action-packed video games that simulate stressful situations are a great way to prepare children for some real-world situations. Bavelier’s study also suggests that video games players make much quicker decisions. The decisions made so quickly are no less accurate than those made slower. According to the study, video games players make more correct decisions per unit of time.

Improved Hand-eye Coordination and Motor Skills

There are many action video games that require players to run and shoot at the same time. Even though this may seem easy, games like Call of Duty or Halo actually require the player to keep track of where he is heading, how fast is he going, where is he aiming and is he hitting any enemies. Not to mention that all of this also has to be coordinated with brain’s interpretation and reaction in his hands and fingers. A process like this requires great eye-hand coordination and motor skills. For example, pilots who have played video games when they were younger are more skillful than those who have not.

Improved Communicative and Cooperative Skills

Most of the games children today love are played online with other people. Games like League of Legends or Dota require much cooperation in order to achieve goals of the games. This means that they have to listen to the suggestions of the others, formulate plans with other players and then go through with the plan they have chosen. All of this has a great impact on children’s cooperative skills which they will later use in their jobs. Not to mention that games like this are played internationally and that they encourage many new friendships with people from different cultures.

More Fun While Learning

Another great way children can use video games today is for learning. There are many video games like Poptropica that are designed in such a way that they encourage learning or improving a certain set of skills. The good thing about this is that children require no help from the adults and do everything on their own. If a child gets stuck with a game he or she can take a look at Poptropica walkthrough and figure out what is the next right move. Games like this can be used to prepare children for some difficult school tasks in a fun way.

Buy Some Video Games That Encourage Fitness

Buy Some Video Games That Encourage Fitness

You can even pick up a few video games that get your kids moving. Just Dance is a popular game that kids enjoy and it is great for working up a sweat. Plus, there are a few other games that your kids would enjoy too.

It is now secret that games are so popular today and we should try to make the most of them. Make sure your children are playing video games which will help them learn or improve certain skills. Still, it is important to limit children’s PC time and have them focus on some other things as well.

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Do you allow your children to play video games? Do you set healthy limits?