Working a steady job with regular working hours in the office is a dream come true for many people. Still, no matter how practical a desk job may be, there is an obvious health disadvantage to it. As you may have heard already, sitting has been stated to be the new smoking. In that respect, the time you spend sitting at work and during the rest of your day can lead to serious complications, health and fitness issues as well as pain after a while. You can’t help but do your work while sitting at the desk, but the good news is that only continuous sitting for several hours can cause problems. This means that with a couple of secret office exercises, you can keep your health in check.

Office Exercises You Can Do Secretly

Stretching Exercises

Stretching is the best way to deal with pain and muscle strain. Luckily, there are many opportunities at work for you to stretch. Even while sitting down, you can tilt your head, roll your shoulders backward and forward, and flex your arms and wrists. Moreover, as you have to stand in order to finish a certain task such as waiting for prints or looking something at your desk, you can stretch your legs by getting on your toes and staying in that position. Also, you can flex your ankles while standing up.

Use the Stairs

There is very little possibility that your office is on the ground floor. Therefore, forget about the elevator and always use the stairs in order to get to your office. If you have to change floors during your working hours, you can also run up and down a flight of stairs for an effective cardio workout. Of course, if your office is on the 10th floor, for example, you can simply use the elevator up to a certain lower floor and continue on foot afterward.

Seat Squeezer

Fitness-wise, your gluteus will definitely suffer the most damage from you sitting all day. Therefore, you can try to squeeze your buttocks as you’re sitting down. No one will notice this type of movement, but it will be very beneficial for toning up your bum to a certain degree. Simply hold the squeeze for about 10 seconds and repeat several times during the day.

Chair Support

If you have enough space under your desk, you can mask up your leg and core exercises effectively. Simply sit down with your back straight and lift your legs up so that your back and legs form a perfect 90° angle. Moreover, as you walk to your desk, lean on the chair and do a couple reverse and sideways leg lifts while standing up. Chances are that your office mates won’t even know that you are even doing these office exercises.

Office Exercises You Can Do Secretly

Use Your Breaks Wisely

More and more companies are opting for an effective office design with functional commercial fit-out for both the office space and break rooms. When the time for your break comes, make sure to do more than just eating your lunch and chatting with your colleagues. In a break room and even in the office during the break, you can allow yourself to do some more physically challenging exercises. Squatting is definitely the best way to tone up lower body and boost the circulation properly. Moreover, jumping jacks will provide you with an effective cardio. If you’re really into exercising and worry about your fitness skills dropping, you can use a chair again to do incline pushups and mountain climbers as well as tricep dips. You can also go for a brisk walk outside during your lunch hour too.

Taking care of your body and health shouldn’t be neglected during the working hours. Of course, you won’t have all the freedom for a proper training session, but even small habits and occasional instances of physical activity will surely make a positive difference. Try a few of these office exercises in the new year and make a plan to continue these office exercises on a regular basis.

Do you currently use office exercises to your advantage?