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It almost seems like yesterday that we were going up to the 9th-grade center to pick up my teenager’s schedule for school. He was so excited to go back to school and he was looking forward to trying out for soccer. It is hard to believe that he is also turning 16 years old in a few weeks. I can’t believe how quickly time flies by and that he is turning into a fine young man.

An Open Letter to my Teenage Son

As I write this post, I can look back and see that over the years he has changed so much. He is no longer a baby or a little boy anymore. Son, I love you more than anything and you are an amazing young man. I can’t wait and see what you become. Here are some words of wisdom that I would like you to remember as you embark on your journey through life:

Always Follow Your Dreams

Do what you love and you will never “work” a day in your life. I know that this quote probably doesn’t make any sense to you at the moment. I hope that you always follow your dreams even if they take a lifetime to achieve. You can do it!

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

This is something that I wish that my parents would have taught me when I was younger. I had no clue that if I continued to eat like I did when I was a teenager, that it would lead to a life of being overweight and even obese at certain points in my life. I want you to know that it is okay to indulge every once in a while but eating massive amounts of food in one sitting will eventually catch up to you.

Continue to Work Out

After I had your sister, I didn’t always take care of myself. I want to encourage you to continue to lead an active lifestyle and work out on a regular basis. It will help keep you from gaining weight. Plus, it is a great way to help manage your stress too.

Don’t Give Up

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I was bummed when you came home from school and told me that you didn’t make the soccer team. I know that it meant the world to you and I am truly sorry that you didn’t make it. I wish that I kept you in soccer when you were little but you always struggled with finding a balance between school and sports due to your ADHD. Even though you didn’t make the team this year, you can always try again next year and that you don’t give up on anything that you want in this world.

Study and Learn as Much as You Can

I know that you are probably sitting in Chemistry or Algebra class wondering how this class can be applied to real-world situations. Don’t worry I thought the same thing when I was in high school too. However, it is important that you learn as much as you can because you never know when it will be helpful once you are in college or working. Plus, your grades do matter to a certain degree. I remember going off to college and wanting to make good grades especially since I was paying for those classes.

As your mom, I hope that you rock your hopes and dreams. I can’t wait to continue to watch you grow and one day have children of your own. You are an amazing young man and I love you very much!


Your Mom

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  • Peach Mango/Cherry
  • Strawberry/Mixed Berry

I picked up the Strawberry and Mixed Berry because I wasn’t sure if my teenager would like the Peach Mango flavor. You can pick up the Yoplait Go Big at Walmart, Target, and other select grocery stores. As a mom nutrition is very important to me and I love that Yoplait Go Big yogurt doesn’t contain artificial colors or high fructose corn syrup. Instead, Yoplait Go Big contains real fruit and is a “good source of calcium” for growing teenagers. They are gluten free and they use kosher dairy.

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Why is your tween or teenager amazing? Have you tried the Yoplait Go Big yogurt yet?

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  1. Such a nice story to your son. I believe we as parents should do this kinda stuff more often. So important for them to hear it.

  2. Awww….I love the letter you wrote to your son. Great advice, too! I haven’t tried Go Big yet, but it sure does look good! I’ll look for it the next time I’m in the store! 🙂

  3. This is sweet of you. I love how you stressed living a healthy lifestyle, to eat healthy, and to workout. It’s good to ingrain these in him while he’s still young.

  4. I do hope that your teenage son could read this because this advice is very essential for him as he grew up. I do believe that if you constantly instill good values on him, he can live a life of fulfillment and success.

  5. Writing letters to our kids is a good habit. It gives them that boost of confidence in every milestone in their life, and a reassurance that we will always be there for them. Happy to know that you make sure they have healthy snacks to keep their bodies energized and ready for challenges that may come their way.

  6. Wow, this is a nice open letter. Parents should be more expressive so our little ones will know that we are here for them.

  7. I love this open letter to your son. My sons are not teens anymore but they love yogurt. The Yoplait Go Big are something they love even though they are both men now. Thanks for sharing the open letter and the Go Big treats.

  8. I love reading your letter to your son! We are not in the teen years yet, we are still at the tween spot with my oldest daughter. I have a 9 year old son who I am sure the teen and tween years are going to be much different for him then my daughter and I hope that I remember these things that you said to your son when my son is a tween/teen because they are awesome advice for teen boys!

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