Life gets busy, and things sometimes get in the way of your weight loss journey. Are you ready to restart your weight loss journey after a break or hiatus? For me, life got in the way in September of  2016, and I am finally at a point now where I am ready to restart my weight loss journey. It doesn’t matter why you took a hiatus, but I am so happy that you are here so that you can pick up where you left off. Over the years, I have struggled with my weight, and when I am actively trying to lose weight, I do very well. However, if I fall by the wayside, my old habits with my food addiction start to creep back into my life. I wanted to share with you some tips on how to restart your weight loss journey after a hiatus.

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Weigh In

I forgot to weigh in this morning, but it is important for you to get a baseline of your current weight so that you know how much you are losing per week. I am not super obsessed with weighing myself every day. Weighing every day just doesn’t seem logical to me; however, if you do it then do what works best for you. I haven’t been on the scale in the last month and I am kinda scared to see if I actually gained weight over the holidays. There for a while, I was maintaining my weight within 1 to 2 pounds.

Clean Out Any Junk Food in Your Home

If you have fallen off the weight loss wagon, chances are you have allowed some of your old habits creep back in. The holidays were tough for me because there was junk food everywhere I turned around. Now that the holidays are over with, the junk food has disappeared from our house for the most part. The only junk food left is for my boys and it is stuff that I usually don’t care for anyhow.

Restock Your Favorite Healthy Food Items

As I mentioned in my previous post, we moved over New Year’s weekend and I put off restocking the pantry until after we moved. I was trying to keep from having to move food/drink items “twice”. Once we were settled, I went to the grocery store to get some of my favorite healthy food items. Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, greek yogurt, protein bars or powder, quinoa, and your other favorite staples.

Pick a Day and Stick to It

I was planning on restarting my health journey on Monday but I ended up going on an impromptu date with my husband for breakfast. Then we had lunch out with a good friend. I knew that the day was shot before I even started. So I decided to start using MyFitness pal again on Tuesday and I stuck to it. It is easy to keep putting it off until tomorrow. The sooner you restart your weight loss journey the quicker that you will start seeing results.

Get an Activity Tracker

August SWB100 activity tracker

I got an activity tracker in my stocking for Christmas because I wanted to be able to track my steps and sleep schedule. Santa Claus put the August SWB100 activity tracker in my stocking. I have been using it for about a week and I am loving it already. I can now try to keep up with my husband now. 🙂 The August SWB100 is not your average pedometer. It does the following:

  • Fitness Wristband – Record your daily activity to track your fitness
  • Smart Tracker – Track steps taken, calories burnt and distance walked
  • Sleep Monitor – Monitor the quantity and quality of your sleep
  • Vibrating Alerts – Stay notified of calls, SMS, emails, social media and calendar notifications
  • Anti-Loss Alarm – Warning pulse when your phone or tablet is out of Bluetooth range

Simply download the August app on your smartphone and it connects to the activity tracker via Bluetooth so that you can see your progress. The one feature that I love the most about the August SWB100 activity tracker, it comes with its own special charging cable. You don’t have to worry about finding a USB port on your computer. The August SWB100 activity tracker is compatible with the following devices:

Android: 4.3+
Apple: iOS7+
Bluetooth: 4.0+
(Please note that not all apple or Android devices running the correct OS will have Bluetooth v4.0+).

Con: I read that it wasn’t waterproof which is a bit discouraging. I forgot to take it off last night when I hopped in the shower. It didn’t ruin it that I know of but I do wish that it was waterproof. I wash my hands frequently too and it is hard to remember not to wash it too.  The app could use a bit of work but it does the job for the most part. It did miss my sleep tracking last night even though I put it in sleep mode. It would have been nice to know how much I tossed and turned last night because I remember doing it.

You can purchase the August SWB100 here.

Grab a Buddy or Join Up Run for Life’s Private Fitness Group

Are you lacking the motivation to restart your weight loss journey? Getting started is half of the battle and once you get back on track you will quickly remember how much better that you felt when you were active and losing weight. Did you know that you lose more weight when you have the right accountability? Grab a buddy or join Up Run for Life’s private fitness group on Facebook. Our private group can help hold you accountable and there are even step challenges too. Click here to join our private group!

How to Restart your Weight Loss Journey after a Hiatus

Set a Realistic Goals

When I lose weight, I typically set a small goal that is realistic and possible to obtain with hard work and dedication to the process. Learn how to use smart goals to help you set up realistic goals so that you too can be successful on your weight loss journey. At the end of your first mini goal, it is important to reward yourself for your efforts. I never reward my progress with food. Instead, I use non-food rewards. For example, I will buy myself some new jeans, tennis shoes, get a new pillow, or even pamper myself.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

It is super easy to get burned out if you follow the same workout routine every single day. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to try something new. There is a wide variety of exercises, dancing videos, walking outside, taking a class at the gym, yoga, swimming, and so much more.

Getting back on track with your weight loss journey can be challenging but it is possible to regain traction where you left off. I hope these tips help you restart your weight loss journey and help you lead a healthy lifestyle.


How to Restart Your Weight Loss Journey after a Hiatus

Have you ever had to restart your weight loss journey after a hiatus? Where you successful? If no, what was your pitfall?