How to Safely Run Using a Jogging Stroller

As a parent, I understand how difficult it is to find time to exercise especially when you have young kids around. For parents who love to run but unable to find the right time, here are some practical tips that you can follow when running or jogging with a stroller.

Exercising with your child will not only promote healthy bonding, but it also encourages your baby to enjoy sight-seeing, meeting people, and start taking on a healthy lifestyle early. You can follow these tips to make the activity smooth and enjoyable both for you, as well as, your child.

Avoid Sidewalks

Most joggers or runners run on the road, if you are bringing your child with you in a jogging stroller, make sure to avoid the sidewalk. It is impossible to be safe or at least be able to run smoothly with a stroller when on the sidewalk. The main reason why you should avoid running on the sidewalks includes uneven surfaces, kids playing, cars parked on the sidewalk in a driveway, and potential foreign objects like kids toys.

Choose the Right Place to Run

Since it is not advisable to jog or run on sidewalks, the next best thing is to find a non-busy roadway where you can run. It is best to choose a quiet neighborhood with drivers who are mindful of joggers on the road. You can also choose common jogging areas like parks, running trails, or other safe areas.

When you are starting out, remember to start slowly and ease your way back into running after you have had a baby or if you haven’t run in a long time. You should also avoid running places that are hilly, especially if you are not used to running with a stroller. Hills will mean double difficulty when you have a stroller with you. Don’t run far, since you are running with an additional weight it also means additional stress to your body. For example, instead of jogging a regular 5-mile track, run half of it and then turn back.

Also, if your baby seems to get restless, you can find places along the way to let them get out and run around. Or even pick them up for a bit and console them if needed.

Set A Fair Pace

You will probably assume that running or jogging with a jogging stroller means you will be able to maintain a normal pace. However, you will probably have to go much slower since you are pushing a baby. One thing you need to remember is that a stroller can be heavy especially if your child is a bit older. You will be pushing additional pounds so don’t be too hard on yourself.

How to Safely Run Using a Jogging Stroller

Always Plan Ahead of Time

Since you will be bringing your baby or toddler with you, you need to make sure they have dressed appropriately for the activity. Choose light clothing for warm days and bundle them up for colder times. You should also make sure you prepare for the worst. The last thing you want to happen is for you to turn back because you forgot to bring along your child’s gear. Do bring along anything that you may need while you are out jogging or running, a bag of crackers, water, diapers, and wipes.

One thing you need to remember, your baby will not be warming up like you so dress them appropriately according to the temperature and weather.

Always Practice Safety First While You are Running With a Jogging Stroller

Find a position that works for you. Switch from one hand to another or switch sides after every mile so you will not end up with sore arms or other body parts. While headphones and music can motivate you to run more, it is not a wise choice when you have a baby with you. Listening to music even softly may damper your ability to hear your baby when he or she needs something. Instead, use a mobile phone which you can also use as a speaker if you like running with music.

Do make sure that people can see you. As summer ends, it will get dark sooner and it will be harder to go running with a jogging stroller at night. If you do go running at night when it is dark, consider using a headlamp so that you can see safely in the dark. You will also need to wear reflective clothing, a reflective vest, or a flashing band that goes around your arm.

How to Safely Run Using a Jogging Stroller

Maintain Your Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are typically made for rugged terrain; however, not all baby strollers are created equal. When buying a stroller, it is important to pick the right baby jogging brand strollers from has a wide variety of jogging strollers for all of your needs. It is best to add weight to it in the store when test driving them. You want a stroller that it is going to maneuver easily one handed and on various types of terrain. Always check the air in the tires before you go for a run. Flat tires won’t roll as easily especially if your baby is heavy.

Watch Your Form

Running behind a stroller is harder than it looks. However, keep at it and you will be an expert in no time. It is important that you push the stroller with your quads. Never hunch over to push the stroller. If you hunch over, you could end up injuring your back. Also, you can find strollers that fit your height too.

Running or jogging with a stroller is a wonderful opportunity to exercise. You will be able to enjoy the time spent with your child and at the same time live a healthier life.

Photo Credit: Flickr via Creative Commons

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