How a Sober Living Facility Can Change Your Life if You Suffer From Addiction

A person who just underwent rehabilitation for drug or alcohol abuse will definitely find it hard to fit into society after the treatment. In fact, according to statistics, 50% of recovering patients from alcohol and drug addiction will relapse after coming out of rehabilitation. In order to address this problem, experts have come up with the idea of letting them live in a sober living facility before they actually come back to their normal living conditions. By doing so will make the patient’s transition back to their normal lives smoother and more effective.

How a Sober Living Facility Can Change Your Life if You Suffer From Addiction

Benefits of Living in a Sober Living Facility


A sober living facility is a specially designed accommodation for patients who underwent rehabilitation from drug or alcohol abuse. It is designed for the patients to have more freedom for leisure and self-reflection activities compared to a rehabilitation facility. It usually has a set of rules for the residents to strictly follow like curfews and attendance to group sharing activities.

Relapse Prevention

A sober living facility also helps the recovering residents prevent boredom which can be a major trigger for relapse. Surrounding them with people who experienced similar situations in their lives can give them a sense of companionship and hope for full recovery. By attending group sharing activities, the residents can open up and come to terms with their past problems and frustrations. It will give them a strong support group that will definitely help them in their recovery.

Help Them Evaluate Past Relationships

The facility also helps the recovering addicts free themselves from past relationships that may have been one of the major causes of their addiction by giving them a new environment in the living facility. Meeting new people in a new environment can prove to be very effective in dealing and moving on with past relationships that haunt the recovering patients.

Teach Them Self-Discipline

Another great benefit of a sober living facility is the strengthening of self-discipline. According to most people who have fully recovered from alcohol or drug addiction, staying sober is a lot harder than getting sober. That is why; a great amount of self-discipline is needed in order for a person to fully recover from addiction. By living in a facility with strict rules, recovering patients can definitely improve their self-control and self-restraint. With stronger self-discipline, the likeliness of relapse is greatly reduced and the process to full recovery will be much faster.

Help Your Loved One with the Transition Back into Life Outside of Rehab

And the greatest and most important benefit of a sober living facility is its assistance to a smoother transition from being an addict back to a normal and productive person. In dealing with addiction, the most effective treatment is by undergoing a step-by-step process. Medication is just one part of the treatment. Social, Spiritual and Psychological issues and problems should also be addressed and solved. And by going into a sober living facility, the patient can expect intensive assistance and treatment in all of these areas.

Lastly, if you are a person or know someone who said, sobriety finally became important to me, then you definitely need to consider or suggest going into a sober living facility. And I guarantee you that after living in the facility, sobriety will definitely be imprinted in your body and soul.

Have you ever known someone to go to a rehab center to overcome an addiction? Did they struggle with transitioning back into their normal life? Would you consider a sober living facility for a loved one?

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  1. I guess I can see the benefits of giving in to a place such as this. Alcoholism used to be a problem for me but I gave it up cold turkey and it has been over three years since I had my last drink.

  2. A sober living house can make a huge difference for someone to stay clean and sober. I have seen it work with a friend of mine that struggled for years. We need to have more of them available.

  3. This is a wonderful post. This has some great information for those struggling with this. I’m not personal friends with anyone struggling but I know of some that are.

  4. My son was an addict from the age of 15 until 23 .. and stayed in many sober living houses during that time. The people who run them are angels on earth. I can’t say enough good things.

  5. I know of many people who have gone to a rehab facility before with both positive and negative outcomes. Staying around positive people is key to achieve success – both in rehab and once transitioning back outside of it.

  6. I have seen people come out of rehab and fall victim to their addictions again. I have also seen people have great success in sober living!

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