How to Stay Active Over the Age of 65

It’s important for people of all ages to do regular exercises and stay active to live a healthy life but as we age this becomes even more important as our bodies lose strength and vitality. The amount of physical activity people need to do each week depends on the age and the level of fitness. Keep reading to learn how to stay active over the age of 65.

How to Stay Active Over the Age of 65

Physical Activity is Important for Anyone over the age of 65

For elderly over 65 who are healthy and have no serious health conditions, doctors and healthcare professionals recommend that older people should stay active on a daily basis. To people of this age bracket and older, it’s important that they take part in half an hour of medium intensity exercises preferably every day.

Regardless of age, health, weight, and disabilities, any physical activity whenever possible should still be done. Even though it might not be much, it’s still better than nothing. The more active over the age of 65 that you are, it will help prevent falls and injury due to weak muscles.

Exercise Helps Keep Your Aging Healthy

Exercise is essential for the optimum functioning of the mind and the body.  As we get older, our bodies start losing muscle tone and exercise helps prevent muscle loss. Plus, it helps prevent creaking bones and chronic pain, heart, and other cardiovascular problems, blood pressure and muscle weakness, it’s vital that seniors engage in a wide array of exercises that combine fitness, balance, flexibility and strength.

Try these Physical Activities to Help you Stay Active

To live actively and in good health, it’s important that the elderly engage in two main types of activities throughout the week. The first of which are aerobic exercises. For older adults, a moderate level of intensity for aerobic exercises means that the body is made to work hard enough to race the heart and break a sweat.

Next, a good method to test the level of intensity is by trying to sing during such an exercise, which will not be possible at this level, while talking will be. Try a variety of activities and exercises, to help keep you active over the age of 65 that need a moderate degree of effort for adults are:

  • Brisk walking
  • Water aerobics
  • Dancing ballroom style
  • Leveled biking
  • Tennis for two
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Playing volleyball.

All of these activities may not be suitable for most of the people over 65, but a little bit of the above few must be done to ensure that the heart and other internal systems work well.

Daily activities that people enjoy like shopping, housework or cooking do not count as moderate daily exercises. Even though most of the activities are done for more than 30 minutes daily, they are simply not putting enough pressure on any body organ or part, and they do not increase the heart rate.

Don’t get overwhelmed when trying to start a new exercise routine especially if you have lived a sedentary lifestyle for several years. It is possible to learn how to be active over the age of 65. Even small changes add up, and you can even do some exercises from a chair or in bed.

Don’t Forget to Add Strength Training Exercises Too

In addition to these, muscle strengthening exercises are also important for older adults, and they are calculated in sets and repetitions. A repetition is a whole movement of an exercise, for example, doing a sit-up or a crunch. When repetitions are grouped together, they make a set.

Plus, there are numerous ways that seniors can strengthen their muscles, whether it is at home, outside, or in the gym. Some examples of such muscle-strengthening exercises are:

  • Handling hefty loads like groceries
  • weighty gardening similar to digging
  • exercises that employ your body’s weight for resistance like sit-ups or push-ups
  • activities that comprise of striding and hopping like dancing
  • yoga
  • Weightlifting.

For each exercise, elders should try to carry out, in each set, 8 to 12 repetitions. Seniors should aim to do at least one set of each muscle-strengthening activity. But by increasing the number of sets to two or three, the benefits can be heightened.

To reap substantial health benefits from muscle-strengthening workouts, one should aim to do them until it’s hard to go further. To stay active, the elderly should make use of their free time to schedule strength and aerobic exercises in full throttle for few times a week and add little acts of them in the daily routine as well.

As an elder person, a consistent physical workout is an essential thing to do for one’s health. It’s not just a great way to be healthy, but it can also become a social activity which can be done in groups hence preventing loneliness and giving a chance for lonely adults to being more connected.

It will help you avoid a lot of the health complications that occur with age and also support your muscles and make them grow robust, thus allowing seniors to enjoy their life and carry out their necessary daily tasks without being dependent on anyone else.

Do you have any additional recommendations on how to stay active over the age of 65? Does your parents or grandparents stay active?

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  1. Great advice for those aging. I agree 100% with your list especially water exercise. Another good one – while not high impact or anything but golfing is good as well especially if you walk the course.

    1. Thank Joely, I have tried to compile this list by seeing some real life examples and I have people around me who actually do all of this.

  2. These are brilliant tips for my grandma, and she would love to do exercise with her grandchild and doing gardening.

  3. My Mom is such a great example. She goes on a walk everyday and also does strength training activities. I hope I am as strong as she is when I am in my 70s.

    1. Thanks Sara, for sharing your mom’s example. Women like your mom are a motivation for everyone around us.

  4. These are such great ways for older people to stay active. I believe in the mantra “Objects in motion stay in motion” so I hope to be active for my entire life!

    1. Thanks Amanda, I believe some laws of physics applied by you. I would like to add that object in rest stay in rest unless they are acted upon by some external force and that external force could be the real life examples of healthy individuals.

  5. I have an aunt who cannot stop doing house chores even in old age. She does not like the idea of doing nothing. She still cook, wash clothes, do gardening at the age of 82. She feels unwanted when doing nothing. These are great ways to stay active at the age of 65. I think I will be doing ballroom dancing when I get

    1. Thanks Mars for sharing your thoughts and your aunt’s lifestyle at the age of 82. People like her are motivation for all of us. Hope to see you in ball room at 65 and counting 🙂

  6. These are all great tips on staying active over the age of 65. My grandparents are in their 80’s are still pretty active, I hope to be like them one day!!

  7. I think exercise is so important in all ages. Walking is my favorite way to get some exercise. It’s easy to do and I enjoy it.

  8. 65 is still young but the key is to stay active. Great advice my parents are approaching this age in few years I want them to stay active too!

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