The Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) system is a portable performance training tool designed for suspension training. It was invented by Former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick in 1997 when he was deployed in Asia where there is no access to training facilities. He experimented by tying a knot of a jujitsu belt at one end and throwing it over a door. Then he used some nylon webbing to come up with a training strap. This comes in a Y shape—close to the TRX suspension system we see today.

The TRX suspension training improves the core that includes the pelvis, abs, back and chest muscles. If you want to incorporate a suspension trainer into your workout routine, here are things to keep in mind that will help you improve your fitness:

  1. Try as many exercises as you can with your TRX Suspension System. One of the best things about this tool is that it versatile enough that it lets you do an array of moves. This saves you time pacing from one training station to another. Hetrick first used his invention for single-arm rows. Later on, he discovered that it can be used for a total body workout. He used the TRX for leg work, pull-ups, curls, and core exercises. One exercise to try is the gliding plank, which turns on so many muscles. There are a plethora of moves you can try and some of them are intended to give you total body strength.

What is the TRX Suspension System and How Can it be Used to Improve Fitness

  1. Keep the tension on the straps through each movement. Slacking is one of the most common TRX-related mistakes. This happens when the straps are not pulled tight the entire time you are performing. Trainers want to avoid this from happening because you will not get an effective workout when there is no tension. This is where the proper set-up of TRX comes into the picture. Make sure that it is installed properly before working out.

  1. Challenge yourself with tougher exercises. Want a full-body workout? There are exercises that are guaranteed to give you the muscle-building workout you need. For instance, you could try the TRX atomic pike. Before getting started, adjust your straps at mid-length. This routine is done by starting in a plank position. Your feet should be in the foot cradles while your hands are under your shoulders. Your knees should be on the floor. In here, you have to drive your butt up as you keep your torso straight. Avoid dropping your chin, bending your knees, and looking forward.

Another good thing about the TRX suspension system is that you can incorporate it with other kinds of exercises, such as Cross Training and yoga. Suspension training can help you become stronger. You can use this strength to enhance your yoga practice. When it comes to Cross-Training, you can gain from the upper body and core challenges. Many athletes cross train with TRX because it provides lots of endurance necessary to certain sports activities.

What is the TRX Suspension System and How Can it be Used to Improve Fitness

Have you ever tried using the TRX suspension system to achieve your fitness goals?