My Weight Loss Journey – Week 5

My Weight Loss Journey Week 5

I can’t believe that it has already been five weeks since I started my weight loss journey – week 5: This week I didn’t gain or lose weight. I plan on sticking with it and know that I am headed in the right direction. I didn’t eat as well on Sunday and I am sure that it had something to do with it even though I didn’t go over my calorie goal too much.

My current weight is still 218.

I stayed on track with logging everything I ate into MyFitness Pal. My hip has been bothering me a lot over the past week and after my session of physical therapy on Thursday I was so sore for several days. I took it as a hint and listened to my body. I am hoping that my hip pain resolves itself but the way things are going so far it doesn’t sound like it. I scheduled an appointment to see a doctor about my hip and my physical therapist is still working on trying to resolve some of my hip pain.M

Here are my current goals for this week:

  • eat more vegetables – This is a work in progress. I did eat a few more vegetables some days but not others.
  • continue my physical therapy exercises at home on days that I don’t go to physical therapy – I failed in this area this week. I need to work doing my exercises at home.
  • continue eating 1600 calories or less a day
  • drink more water every day – I haven’t drank very much water at all so this is still a work in progress for me.
  • continue taking 2 burpless fish oil capsules

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Do you have any weight loss goals? What can I do to help you with your weight loss journey?

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  1. You have inspired me and I think I am going to have to take a page out of your book. I have wanted to get back into shape for months now but haven’t done anything! Can’t loose any weight if I don’t move my body.

    1. I have mostly lost the weight by limiting what I eat. Moving helps speed up the process. You can do it. I might start a free Facebook group for those who want support and motivation.

  2. Keep up the good work girl! I hope I can be as motivated as you are. There are some things I’m sticking to really well and other things I need help with like the exercise.

  3. I hope you can get some hip relief soon! I just lost about 15 pounds due to my possible Crohn’s and now my hip starts hurting me again out of no where. Funny how everything says hip pain will lessen if you lose 5-10 pounds… just scares me that there is surgery in my near future and I’m only 26.

  4. Great job! Keep up the good work one week at a time. I also have problems drinking enough water. I am at 200 now due to medicines and I have to work double to keep up with the weight gain. I gained 20lbs in the last two months due to this new medicine and constantly being hungry.

    1. Talk to your doctor and see if there is another possible option for your medication.

      I take quite a few meds and most of them include possible weight gain. 🙁 I’m working to reverse the weight gain.

  5. I think the hardest part of weight loss is the eating portion of it. Changing eating habits always takes the longest and is hard to do!

  6. I think setting weekly goals is important. Just small manageable things like you’ve done. Don’t be sad if you stay at the same weight for a bit, sometimes your body needs a little kick to get going again, and sometimes you just need a good cheat day. I’m a big fan of the cheat day!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you. I have an appointment to see a Dr about my hips in a few weeks. It’s possible that this is a symptom of my fibromyalgia or recent surgery. I’ve complained of pain that goes down my inner thigh for a long time. The Dr thought it was my back possibly causing it. Just a process. 🙂

  7. It is so inspiring to read about you going after your goals! You are incredible! I hope you hip starts feeling better. I need to make some of my own goals and having more veggies and water is at the top of the list too.

  8. I use My Fitness Pal as well and I absolutely love it. It is such a great way to track my progress and motivate myself, too. Thanks for sharing your update.

  9. I really need to do this every week. I keep falling off the wagon and then getting back on again. It’s a struggle for sure! I love that you make a plan every week and share it. It is very inspirational for me.

    1. I have to remember that each day essentially is a fresh clean slate. So if you mess up, keep going. Even if I have a bad meal, I try to compensate the rest of the day to minimize the damage.

  10. You are doing so well with your weight loss. I have been trying to eat better and you have inspired me to continue.

    1. Yes it is a process. Sometimes you have to pick apart the process to determine if your not doing something right or wrong. This was one of the reasons why I wanted to document my journey.

  11. You’re doing wonderful! I’ve been trying to shed some weight for the past few months. It’s a bit challenging, but I’m striving to keep at it.

  12. I find when you first start it takes while to see the changes. Keep it up though! For me, I want to get rid of the belly fat.

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