10 Healthy New Year’s Eve Appetizers

10 Healthy New Year's Eve Appetizers

I can’t believe that we are already half way through the month of December. Before you know it, we will be busy celebrating the New Year. I always love this time of the year because I get to spend more time with my family. For New Year’s Eve, we usually invite family over to enjoy a fun evening of games, food, and watching the ball drop on T.V. Do you already have New Year’s plans?

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I know that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s eve, most people often forget their diet or try to lose the weight due to all of the good food that is served. However, you don’t have to give up your diet or losing weight over a few bad days. Instead, pick up where you left off and keep working towards your weight loss goals.

Try these 10 healthy New Year’s Eve appetizers or make your own to take to your New Year’s Eve celebration or party to snack on.

Low Carb BBQ Chicken Wings

Low Carb Barbecue Wings

Michelle from First Time Mom and Losing has a wide variety of delicious recipes including this one. She created these low carb bbq wings because she was getting tired of eating buffalo wings. Chicken wings are a popular appetizer for game day and New Year’s even. You can find her full recipe and directions on how to make her low carb BBQ chicken wings here.

Steamed or Boiled Shrimp

I love boiled shrimp dipped in seafood sauce. They are a great source of protein and low carb. A medium shrimp contains less than 10 calories. So you can eat quite a few plain shrimp without worrying about eating too many calories. Just watch the calories, sodium content, and sugar in the sauce you are using to dip your shrimp in.

Cucumber Turkey Mini Sandwiches

Cucumber Turkey Mini Sandwiches

These mini cucumber turkey sandwiches make a great appetizer or even a low carb meal. You can even add a few other ingredients or even try a different combination of vegetables. To keep them low calorie you should refrain from adding high calorie cheese and condiments. You can find the instructions for these mini cucumber turkey sandwiches here.

Vegetable Trays

Don’t forget to add a few vegetable trays. Vegetables are a great way to stay on track and keep your snacking to a minimum.

Low Carb Salad on a Stick

Italian Salad on a Stick

I found this great appetizer or even a fun meal idea on Huffington Post. You can even mix and match ingredients too so that you have a variety of salad options for everyone at the party. Again to keep them healthy you should refrain form adding high calorie cheese, meats, and condiments on your salad on a stick. You can find the instructions for these Low Carb Salad on a Stick here.

Fruit Trays

Fruit is another healthy snack. Just use caution when eating fruit. Fruit contains naturals sugars and are higher in calories.

String Cheese

String cheese is naturally low in fat. It is an ideal snack to choose from because it is high in protein.

Zucchini Pizza Boats

zuchinni pizza boats

Do you love pizza? Try this fun and healthy version of your favorite pizza. When making your pizza, do use ingredients that are high in protein so that you feel full longer. Top your pizza with your favorite vegetables. You can find the instructions for making Zucchini Pizza Boats here.

Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce wraps are an excellent swap for tortillas which are high in carbs. Plus, they are super easy to make. Grab a head of lettuce and carefully peel off lettuce. After peeling off the lettuce, make sure that you wash it first. Then place your favorite lunch meat, chicken, shrimp, or anything else that you enjoy that is rather low carb. Add additional veggies. Then roll up your wrap for a delicious low carb appetizer or meal.

Cheese Crisps

Do you enjoy eating chips or crackers? Try these fun and low carb cheese crisps in place of eating chips or crackers. Simply grab your favorite shredded cheese. Then place some parchment paper (don’t use other products) on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle a small lumps of cheese on the parchment paper. They do spread out similar to cookies as the cheese melts. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Cook for 5 to 7 minutes. Watch carefully so that the cheese doesn’t burn. You can even mix in seasonings too for add taste according to Joyful Abode. You can even use this idea to create tostadas and tacos too.

You don’t have to worry about ruining your diet or weight loss plans this New Year’s eve. Try these healthy New Year’s Eve appetizers or create your own. Do remember that if you are focusing on losing weight that if you mess up, remember that tomorrow is a new day and start over.

What type of healthy New Year’s Eve Appetizers do you typically make? What is your New Year’s Eve plans?