10 Surprising Ways to Make Your Office Space Healthier

10 Surprising Ways to Make Your Office Space Healthier

Did you know that you spend a ton of your time in your office or cubical at work? Plus, more Americans are working longer hours to be able to handle their workload. I can’t help you reduce your work load but I did want to help you be able to make your office space your own.

Not only can you make your office you own but what if you could make your office space healthier. Try these 10 surprising ways to make your office space healthier.

Clean Up

How long has it been since you took the time to clean up your office space? Grab some cleaning supplies and clean off your desk. Don’t forget to clean your keyboard too with some rubbing alcohol. Chances are you are breathing in a ton of dust particles at work especially if your have dust bunnies laying around your office.

Organize Your Work Space

Take the time to organize your work space so that you know where everything is at. When you are organized, you are actually more productive because you know exactly where things are. You can even label things so that other people can find things that they might need if your are out of the office once day.

Add Personal Photos

Display personal photos of your spouse, children, family members, or close friends in your office space. When you are struggling throughout the day, you can glace at your photos and take a deep breath. These photos could give you a quick pick up when you are feeling stressed when your knee deep in a tough project.

Put a Plant in Your Office

You can add an indoor plant to help remove some of the carbon dioxide in your office. Opt for low maintenance green plants. Just be careful not to over water the plants. Over-watering can lead to mold growth which can trigger allergy problems.

Take Regular Breaks

It is important that you take regular breaks. Most people end up working through their breaks, I was guilty of doing this when I worked in the corporate world. Regular breaks allow you time to step away from your work for a few minutes. During your break time, you should get up and stretch and rest your eyes from the computer screen. If you have time, you can even use your break time to walk up and down the hall or step outside for a few minutes for some fresh air. Don’t forget to take time for lunch too.

Opt for Natural or Alternative Lighting in Your Office

Natural lighting is proven to increase productivity and help reduce daytime fatigue. If you can turn off those florescent lights in your office, I highly recommend it. Florescent lights are draining your productivity. Replace the florescent lights with a small desk lamp, floor lamp, or open the blinds if you have windows in your office.

Play Music in Your Office

Most office buildings usually have some type of music playing in the background. If your office building doesn’t play music, I highly suggest that you add a small radio in your office so that you can play soft music. Music affects your emotional well being, improves cognitive skills, helps your overall health and well being, improves communication, and increase social functioning.

Use Aromatherapy

Use Aromatherapy in your office to make it healthier

Aromatherapy is a hot trend and many people have found using essential oils beneficial to their health. Grab a diffuser and a few of your favorite essential oils. When you need a quick pick me up, use a few drops of essential oils in your diffuser. Essential oils help stimulate the brain when you smell them in the air. They trigger a reaction in your brain (help you remember memories based on a certain smell). Then you breathe in the oils as their disbursed into the air. Aromatherapy can help improve your mood, help reduce stress, and other psychological factors.

Drink Plenty of Water

Instead of reaching for that glass of soda, juice, alcohol, or other calorie filled drinks, opt for a glass or bottle of water while you are working. It is an excellent idea to sip on water throughout the day. It helps keep you hydrated and prevents you from reaching for snacks. If your office doesn’t provide fresh drinking water, consider filling up a gallon water jug and storing it in the refrigerator so that you can refill your glass throughout the day with cold water.

Don’t Skip Lunch

It is super important that you don’t skip meals. When you skip meals, you end up being super hungry by the time you get home. Skipping meals leads to over eating. If you find that you are hungry by the time you get home from work, you should eat more protein at lunch so that you feel full longer or opt for a healthy snack in the afternoon.

I hope you are able to implement these 10 surprising ways to make your office space healthier. Plus, these 10 tips will also help you to be more productive at work and help you keep up with your workload.

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Which of these 10 surprising ways to make your office space healthier are you planning on implementing first?