11 Ways to Get your Kids Moving This Winter

Are your kids going stir crazy this winter? I know that my kids often get stir crazy especially on days when we are snowed in or it’s too cold to go outside. Most kids don’t get nearly enough exercise during the day. Today, I wanted to share with you 11 ways to get your kids moving this winter and help keep them from bouncing off the walls.

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Roller Skating

Head to your local roller skating rink and let your children burn off a ton of energy. Not only is roller skating fun but it is a full body workout. If your children haven’t been roller skating, most rinks are prepared for beginners and can help your child learn how to roller skate. Some children prefer to use roller blades instead of traditional roller skates.

Ice Skating

I have always wanted to learn how to ice skate but I grew up in a town that didn’t have any ice skating rinks. Ice skating is also a ton of fun and kids can have fun while exercising. Most ice skating rinks are also prepared for beginners and have tools to assist your child in learning how to ice skate.

Ride their Bicycle

Children Can Ride Bicycle During the winter to Stay Active

If the weather is nice outside, you can send them outside to ride their bicycle. Make sure that you bundle them up if it is chilly outside. Also, make sure that they are wearing a helmet too.

Video Games That Encourage Movement

There are a bunch of fun video games on the market for the X-Box 360 and Wii U. Find several games that your child enjoys and let them burn off some energy while they are busy playing video games.

Jump Rope

Your child will probably frown when you hand them a jump rope. However, if you can get them to use it, it is a wonderful way to get them to burn off some of their excess energy. Just make sure that your child has plenty of room around them to safely jump rope. Also, they need to use it on a flat surface so that they don’t accidentally injure themselves.

Play Games

Kids usually enjoy playing games and don’t realize that are exercising. You can play games such as hopscotch, balloon volleyball, red light green light if you have enough room in your house, wheelbarrow races, and animal races.


Turn up the music and enjoy dancing to the tunes. You can even play free dance. Simply play the music for your children and have them dance until you pause the music. Then hit play again. They will have fun trying to figure out when you are going to pause the music and it gets them moving. Don’t be afraid to join in too.


Do you have a ton of snow on the ground? Grab a pair of snowshoes and let your kids enjoy walking around the neighborhood. The snowshoes are fun and they keep your child from sinking into the deep snow.¬†Plus, it burns more calories than walking alone and they probably won’t even notice that they are getting a great workout while outside playing.


Kids can enjoy the benefits of yoga too. The great thing about yoga is you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment. Most kids are able to follow along to a video or you can use Grokker (an online resource that has a ton of yoga videos). You can even join them.

Clean Up

Get your kids to have a race to help you get the house cleaned up. I know that they probably won’t enjoy cleaning but if you make it a game, they are more likely to participate.

Trampoline Park

I have seen the trampoline parks popping up all over the place. It is a great place to allow your kids to burn off excessive energy. Just a word of caution: if you have smaller kids, you might want to take them during off-peak hours so that the older kids don’t trample them or you can find a trampoline park that has a section for younger kids.

I have three kids so I know what it is like to be stuck inside of the house during the winter especially if there is snow and ice on the ground. I hope you enjoy these 11 ways to get your kids moving this winter helps keep them active and helps them expend some of their excessive energy.

11 Ways to Get your Kids Moving This Winter

Which of these 11 ways do you think that your kids would enjoy the most? Do you try to keep your kids active in the winter? Do you have any other suggestions to keep kids moving this winter?