12 Christmas Traditions that Won’t Pack on the Pounds

Christmas traditions have always been near and dear to my heart since I was a little girl. I wanted to be sure that I passed our family’s traditions to my own children so that they could pass them on to their children one of these days. Of course, being a semi-health nut now, I want to make sure that my children don’t them to make the same unhealthy Christmas traditions that I learned growing up. You know indulging in massive amounts of food and treats from Halloween until after New Year’s Day. I decided that I wanted to share some ideas on how to create new Christmas Traditions that won’t pack on the pounds this year.

12 Christmas Traditions that Won't Pack on the Pounds

Schedule a Race During the Holidays

Find a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or even a full marathon to participate in during the holiday season. You can even participate in a 5k as a family too. Depending on your fitness level, you will have to do some type of training in order to prepare for your race even if you plan on walking it. You don’t want to participate in a race without some preparation. Plus, training will help keep you from possibly gaining weight.

Take a Stroll Through Your Neighborhood Just to Look at Christmas Lights

I always enjoyed driving around looking at Christmas lights with my family. Over the years, I have done the same thing with my own children. Driving doesn’t burn any calories; however, walking does even at a slow pace . Try taking a stroll through your neighborhood just to look at the Christmas lights with your family. As you are walking through your neighborhood, please follow the same rules that I mentioned on how to exercise safely in the dark. Don’t forget to bundle up if it is cold outside.

Grab Your Camera and Go for a Nature Walk

Snow on the ground sounds magical but in Texas we don’t always get a white Christmas. I would love to have the opportunity to grab my camera and go for a nature walk. Snap fun photos are you are walking with your family. Do find a trail that isn’t icy or steep so that you don’t fall. Make sure that you tell others that you and the family are going on a nature walk and the give them the location in case something happens.

Make Homemade Gifts Together

I always enjoy getting homemade gifts for Christmas because someone put a lot of thought and effort into making it for me. Making homemade gifts together as a family is fun and it doesn’t involve consuming calories. Pinterest is a great place to find the perfect homemade gifts that are fun and easy to make. Check out these ideas here.

12 Christmas Traditions that Won't Pack on the Pounds

Buy Christmas Pajamas

Purchase fun Christmas pajamas and wrap them. Place them under the Christmas Tree and open them on Christmas Eve. Then put your Christmas pajamas on.

Binge Watch your Favorite Christmas movies

Make a list of all of your favorite Christmas movies and watch at least one movie a night until Christmas day. If you choose to eat popcorn during your movie, opt for low-calorie versions that aren’t loaded with butter or cheese.

Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Gather a few of your friends or other families to help you perform random acts of kindness. Christmas time is hard for some individuals and families especially financially. But there are a bunch of opportunities where you can help put a smile on someone’s face. Here are a few ideas to get your started: hold the door open for people; fill parking meters with your spare change so that someone doesn’t get a parking ticket, create small kits for the homeless, invite people over for Christmas lunch or dinner if they don’t have somewhere to go, take food to the elderly, offer to go shopping for the elderly or people with mobility issues, etc.

Elf on the Shelf

I probably won’t be popular for this suggestion but it is a fun tradition especially if you have children. Plus, you can without adding calories to your diet. You can find a ton of Elf on the Shelf suggestions on Pinterest. Our elf would arrive after Thanksgiving but after doing it a few years, I slowly was running out of creative ideas. Now, I tend to bring him out 10 days before Christmas. It lets the kids enjoy the fun elf games and I don’t have to worry about figuring out what to do with the Elf on a daily basis.

12 Holiday Traditions that Won't Pack on the Pounds

12 Days of Christmas Countdown

One year a friend of my grandmother brought over 12 wrapped gifts for her to open on a daily basis. The gifts weren’t over the top and probably came from the dollar store or even Target’s discount section at the front of the store. You can buy a calendar for the next year, notepad, holiday plate for leaving Santa cookies, pens, magnets, Christmas ornaments, coloring book, or even 12 different books. Wrap up the gifts and then open them with your family starting 12 days before Christmas so that you open the last gift on Christmas eve.

Host A Game Night

Christmas time is about spending quality time with family and friends. You can host a game night at your home. Have each guest bring their favorite fruit dish and bring their favorite thing to put into a cup of hot chocolate. Then take their favorite item and put it in a serving bowl. Let everyone make their own cup of hot chocolate to drink while playing their favorite board game.

Window Shop at the Mall

I loved going to the mall with my grandparents during the holidays growing up. Even though things have changed over the years, it is still fun to go window shopping at the mall during the holidays. It is a safe place to walk outside especially if it is cold outside. Plus, you can enjoy the Christmas decorations while burning off calories.

Turn Up your Favorite Christmas Music

Do you love to listen to Christmas music during the holidays? One evening, gather your entire family and turn on your favorite Christmas music, push the living room furniture out of the way, and enjoy dancing the night away. This is a perfect way to burn some additional calories while spending some quality time with those that you love the most


If you have several inches of snow on the ground, then bundle up the family and go outside. You can build a snowman, go snowshoeing or even take a walk in the snow.

During the holidays it is very easy to overindulge and gain weight if you aren’t careful. Here are 12 perfect Christmas traditions that you don’t have to worry about stepping on the scale afterward and discover that you gained 10 lbs between Thanksgiving and New Year’s day.

Do you have any other Christmas traditions that won’t pack on the pounds?