A lot of people are finding ways to shed off excess pounds. One of the diets that you can try is the basic concept of the 1200 diet. You will simply cut down your daily calorie intake to only 1200 daily. What you have to work on is to keep being healthy even if your calorie intake is considerably cut down.


You do have to be careful when you are consuming the minimum amount daily calories, though. Your body will only function normally with the right amount of calories each day. Men are recommended to have at least 1400 of calories each day. Women should take at least 1200 calories daily. Anything lower than this, you may be risking your body with malnutrition or it may cause your body to hold on to more calories than usual, defeating the purpose of the whole diet.

The problem with most foods and meals today is that you can consume double or even up to triple of the recommended daily nutrients in one setting. Portion control is super important if you want the 1200 diet to work.

Safety of the 1200 Diet

A 1200 calorie diet is for people who have the understanding that their body needs to have the right calorie needs in order for their body to function properly. It means getting only the right number of calories on a daily basis. You have to be careful that you don’t take too little or too many calories. If you have trouble understanding this diet or if you are worried about the safety of this diet you should consult your doctor before starting.

Coping Up With the Diet

Since the diet requires that you only consume the right amount of calories daily, then there is a little leeway in cheating. However, you can make your food choices enjoyable by using fresh and whole ingredients. You will still be able to lose weight even if you enjoy some of your favorite food.

Another common difficulty with this diet is the fact that you constantly need to monitor the number of calories that you are consuming. However, with tons of gadgets that can help you out, you can simply do this online or even through your phone. You can use apps to help you monitor your calorie intake, for example, MyFitness Pal.

Understanding the Pros and the Cons of 1200 Diet

All kind of diets have their advantages and disadvantages, 1200 diet is one of those diets that need constant monitoring, but the rewards can be fantastic when done right. Don’t forget to visit with your doctor before you start the 1200 calorie diet.

You can eat whatever you want, and there are no restrictions on the food that you eat. But you simply have to watch out that you do not go over 1200 calories. You can also make your life easy by following diet plans that have a set number of calories throughout the day. You can get this from numerous web pages or make healthy meals that you enjoy. You can use your calorie counter tools to help you figure out if you are going over your calorie requirements.

If you have any health conditions, you want to watch out for like hypertension or high blood sugar levels so that your meals can be customized so that the food that you eat so, it can fit into your 1200 diet.

While those are the advantages, there are also different disadvantages with this diet. For many the adjustment to a lower calorie diet is tough. If your body is accustomed to consuming more than 2000 calories daily, you will probably feel a hungry all of the time. 1200 needs a lot of control and so that you can achieve your weight loss goals. You also have to make sure that you prepare a balanced diet with proteins, carbohydrates, and minimal fats so that your body will not lack nutrients or the minerals that it needs.

Have you ever tried the 1200 diet? Was it successful?