200+ Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

200+ Healthy Super Bowl and Game Day Recipes

Do you have plans for Super Bowl Sunday? Are you attending a Super Bowl Party? I love to watch a good game of football and those awesome Super Bowl commercials. However, we all know that most of the food and snacks served during the game are not exactly healthy, you know the chips, wings, popcorn, cheese dip, ranch dressing, candy, cakes, cookies, alcohol beverages, and so many other unhealthy treats.

How Many Calories Do The Average American Devour on Super Bowl Sunday?

Did you know that the average American eats over 2,400 calories on during the game? That total doesn’t include any other meals or snacks throughout the day. That amount of calories are consumed during the four to five hour football game. That is the average number of calories that you should consume in an entire day. FYI, it would take you running a marathon (26.2 miles) in order to work off all the extra calories.

200+ Healthy Super Bowl Recipes to Choose From

I wanted to share with you over 200+ healthy Super Bowl recipes for you to try. There is a wide variety of recipes here to suit even the pickiest eaters. Choose a few of the health recipes to serve so that you have some healthier options to choose from on game day.

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Try These Healthy Dips for Super Bowl Sunday and Beyond Infographic:

Dips are notorious for adding additional calories to your diet. However, with a few simple ingredient swaps you can still serve some of your favorite dip recipes. Plus, you can even make your own chips and crackers which are healthier than store bought alternatives. Check out the simple swaps in the infographic below.


How to Make Game Day Dips Healthier

Photo Credit: Pixabay and Fix.com

Are you planning on fixing a healthy version of some of your favorite Super Bowl foods? Which healthy Super Bowl recipes are you planning on trying?