3 Best Weight Loss Supplements And The Ones Which You Must Avoid

Before writing this post, I did a little research to check what type of information is out there for this topic. I will be completely honest with you and just say it that most of first two pages on google turned out to be full of people who are trying to sell latest weight loss and fat burner products. I hardly found a useful piece of information to help me understand what really works and what doesn’t and what to avoid.

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Therefore, I wrote this straightforward guide to explain you which are the best weight loss supplements and which are the worst supplements for weight loss. Now, I have not written the detailed explanations of each ingredient, but still it will provide you the quick facts and easy explanation about each of them.

Let’s Start with the Best weight loss supplements based on scientific facts.


Probably this might be the first time you’ve heard about it but, let me explain in very simple terms, it is an amino acid which your body uses to transport the fat to the mitochondria to be burnt as energy. This has already been scientifically proven, but the need of doses is significant and the study proved that you need to take minimum 1500 mg – 3000 mg of L-Carnitine per day in order to convert fat into energy. What I like the most about L-Carnitine is that it has additional benefits too, related to bone health, fertility, heart health and more. The only problem is that, this supplement fails to deliver the actual amount of dose which may effectively work out.

Green Tea

It’s quite possibly the most popular supplement for weight loss with good value and, offers a wide range of benefits. I am guessing most of you know what green tea is, but some of you might be wondering what are the real dose used in scientific studies? Well, in one of the prominent study provided 580mg of catechins (catechin is an active component related to green tea’s weight loss) which equals to approximately 900mg of green tea per day, meaning around 6 cups or more per day.

Dairy Calcium

Very few people know the actual benefits of dairy calcium but, studies showed that when you intake more calcium, your cells are likely to burn more fat. And it also has been scientifically proven that the dairy calcium is best for this job because it absorbs more efficiently than other calcium.

Now, Supplements I Would Recommend You To Avoid

3 Best Weight Loss Supplements And The Ones Which You Must Avoid

Green Coffee

I know thousands of people are screaming on the internet saying that green coffee is scientifically proven and been on television, etc, etc. But, let me tell you the truth, a few years ago I read the real study implying the truth about fat loss from green coffee where other studies failed. But, I refused to believe that and turned out that it was fake. Because hundreds of supplement companies have been caught where some didn’t realized and some didn’t even cared either way they were happy to sell it to you.

Citrus Aurantium

The first and very significant problem is that almost all studies related to its effectiveness were done with more than one ingredient formula. How can you tell that it’s working or not? And why did the researchers decide to use more than one ingredient? I think that the results were not going to be that great and second and most important is that it’s illegal in the UK to use Citrus Aurantium extract. It requires a license by MHRA to sell it. And, as a result, most companies where simply added Citrus Aurantium (it’s just an orange peel powder) is totally legal. There is no such research that proved it will do anything.

Raspberry Ketones

It’s been used in millions of raspberry flavored foods just as flavoring purposes. And there has been no study that proves to do anything other than just adding flavor to your shake taste fruity. So, it’s expensive, doesn’t really work and complete waste of time and money in my opinion.

There might be loads of companies which will be fuming about some of the things I have told here, but I just explained the facts as they already stand. And I must tell you none of these supplements are a shortcut to fat loss but they certainly do help. I hope in some way you found this post useful. Cheers!

3 Best Weight Loss Supplements And The Ones Which You Must Avoid

Have you tried any weight loss supplements? Which ones have you tried? Did they help you achieve your weight loss goals?