5 Simple Diet Modifications that Mean Big Weight Loss

Getting rid of weight can become a bit of a problem for some people. The apparent reason, their love for food! The million dollar question is, do you really need to make drastic changes in what you eat to get rid of those pesky pounds? Or can small things make a huge difference in your fitness and inches?

Here, you will come across answers that will literally blow your mind away. This not only is because they are simple but also because these are things that you might have done without being aware.

Combine these easy weight loss tactics with some wise choices, and you will see inches disappear from all the areas of your body.

Now without further ado, let us look into the 5 easy diet modifications that can lead you to BIG weight loss.

1. Up Your Breakfast Game

Yes, it is old advice, but it is one that will stay evergreen. A healthy breakfast is important because it is the start of the day. Your body demands food and needs the energy to function optimally for the next 24 hours so the better you nourish yourself, the more it will benefit you.

Do you tend to grab a granola bar or bagel? Quit this act. This is the reason you are unable to shed the undesired weight. Studies suggest that proteins are the best way to gain muscle mass and accelerate weight loss. Higher intake of protein also helps your skin retain elasticity.

Eggs are the best thing that you can have for breakfast. A study published in International Journal of Obesity claims that eggs aid in losing weight by 65% percent. So cook them without oil, anyway that you like – poached, scrambled or boiled.

Another thing that’ll keep you full and provide bursting energy is a huge bowl of oatmeal with fruit, nuts, and honey. Make the oatmeal as exciting as you like to make it a regular entry in your breakfast.

2.  Snacks are Healthy

You heard right, snacks are super healthy, granted you are eating the right ones! Instead of depriving yourself of the luxury of light snacks, opt for ones that are healthy.

Nicole Nichols, a fitness expert, claims that if you have snacks in between the big meals, you are less likely to overeat. And what are the items that you can safely eat that also help with weight loss? Nuts, fruits, veggies, crackers and cheese, hummus and vegetable baked chips. All of these things are full of nutrients and will help keep you satiated. Your waist would eventually get slim once you avoid snacks that do nothing but add those unwanted carbs.

3. Lemon Water is the Perfect Diet Supplement

Have you heard of how celebrities were able to get rid of pregnancy weight with the help of the golden elixir? Well, it is basically a concoction made of lemon, water, honey, apple cider vinegar, and cinnamon. Now you can only choose to have warm water mixed with lemon or add all the above ingredients as well.

Celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner goes so far as to suggest that consuming 3 liters of lemon water detoxifies the body and increases the metabolic rate by 33%. This actually means that you will be able to get rid of 100 calories each day. So make this a part of your everyday routine and see the difference yourself.

5 Simple Diet Modifications that Mean Big Weight Loss

4. Desserts are Must!

If you think that depriving yourself of sweets is going to work for you, then you are very wrong. Why? Because this will only obsess you further into wanting to eat more. The best way to have desserts is to eat up things that are packed with energy and delicious at the same time.

What are these things? Frozen fruits and dark chocolates! They provide you with fiber, proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants. You can even make ice cream or frozen smoothies by adding coconut/almond milk or Greek yogurt.

5. Drop the Drink

Alcohol is possibly one of the worst things for diets. You need to cut it out of your menu altogether or limit its intake to one small glass a day. The thing is, studies show that when people drink one glass, they are likely to eat up more of the snacks along with it because their energy reserves become inhibited.

Therefore, if you must have a drink, consume red wine which is believed to help with weight loss and that too only one small serving with dinner.

These simple 5 tricks will do wonders for you when and if you follow them diligently. Incorporate them in your diet and check out the reducing inches within a few months!

5 Simple Diet Modifications that Mean Big Weight Loss

Do you have any other diet modifications that aid in your weight loss efforts?