5 Steps To Proper Muscle Recovery

5 Steps To Proper Muscle Recovery

Strength training is one of the best ways to build your muscles and lose weight. It is important to get enough rest after every exercise to improve your muscle recovery. Incorporating a recovery time into your strength training is essential because this is the time when your body will adapt to the stress of the workout. Furthermore, rest when the effects of your training take place. Recovery allows your body to replenish your energy reserves and repair any damaged tissues.

Whether you are an athlete or a newbie in the world of workout and exercise, you should always have an adequate muscle recovery regimen to get the best out of your training.

Warm Up Exercises and Stretching

Always start your workout with a warm-up exercise or stretching. A lot of people try to save time by skipping their warm up steps and start their actual training regimen right away. However, it is highly crucial to prepare your muscles for the full workout ahead, and this will minimize strain. Always start your workout with a light jogging or a short treadmill routine, followed by stretching.

End Every Workout With Cooling Exercises

5 Steps To Proper Muscle Recovery
Cooling exercises after your workout will help reduce muscle strain and encourage muscle recovery. According to Steve Edwards, Vice President of Fitness and Nutrition at Beachbody®, “During training, you contract the muscles, and the muscle fibers get shorter, lengthening your muscles after a workout will encourage mobility and can lead to complete muscle recovery.”

Learn How To Manage Your Workout Sessions

If you have just started training, one of the most important things to remember is to pace yourself. Over training can easily lead to injury and muscle damage. Beginners must have regular gaps in between strength training. You may decrease the gap as you progress, but even professional athletes make sure they have enough time in between workouts for rest.

Prepare a Post-Workout Protein

5 Steps To Proper Muscle Recovery

Post workout protein is vital especially if you have not consumed anything for hours. Depending on your body weight, you should aim for at least 20 – 50 grams of protein to help your muscles recover after every workout. Whey protein is a popular protein supplement that you can use. It is easy to mix in your favorite shake, and it can be rapidly absorbed into your body after training.

Increase Your Workout Supplements

In addition to whey protein, you can also consider using other supplements to help improve your muscle recovery. Supplements including Creatine will help increase your overall workout intensity. It is also highly effective in feeding your muscles ATP, your muscle’s primary source of energy. L-Glutamine is also a good supplement to consider. According to expert, L-Glutamine works by directing nitrogen atoms to where they are most needed. Muscle repair requires positive nitrogen balance, and L-Glutamine can ultimately help improve this process. Since to body does not have a lot of this amino acid, taking a supplement will help increase the overall amount.

Muscle recovery is a crucial part of training. If you want to build your muscles in a healthy way, making recovery an integral part of your routine will ultimately help.

Do you make sure muscle recovery is part of your routine?