5 Things Gynecologists Wish Every Woman Would Know

Even women who are completely comfortable with their gynecologist still usually have some insecurities before their appointments. Most patients are worried about exam preparation and talking about their private and intimate life, but the fear number one is the fear of being judged. However, you’ll completely forget about all your fears and worries when you hear these five things gynecologists wish every woman would know before going to their well-woman exam.

Don’t Skip Appointments Because you’re Menstruating

If you think your ob-gyn will be grossed-out by your menstrual blood, then you’re wrong. Most gynecologists have performed many natural births and C-sections that can get quite bloody, so the fact that you have your period during the examination is not a problem at all.

It will not bother your doctor nor will it make any difference in the examination. So, if you accidentally forget about your period or miscalculate the date, don’t reschedule. However, if you’re due for a Pap smear, make sure to check with your doctor. Some offices use tests that can separate blood from cervical cells, but some don’t.

You Don’t Have to Groom for the Appointment

If you realize you’re not exactly groomed down there just hours before your appointment, don’t you worry about a thing. Many women freak out and try to shave no matter what, otherwise they reschedule the appointment.

If there’s no way you’ll take off your clothes without looking perfect, it’s fine, but just know that your gyno doesn’t really care. Your doctor will not pay attention whether your vulva or legs are shaved. There are many more important things to pay attention to, so don’t worry.

Have Regular Checkups No Matter What

Even if you took your Pap smear and HPV screening a year ago and they all came back clear, you still have to see your gyno once a year. Pap tests and mammograms are not all there is to your exam. Having a yearly pelvic and breast exam is just as important. They can detect fibroid and ovarian cysts as well as other issues.

They Don’t Really Care How You Smell

Many patients are very worried how they are going to smell during the examination. However, it’s the last thing on their doctor’s mind. If you conduct regular intimate hygiene and wash yourself every day, with warm water and un-perfumed products, your vagina will smell just fine.

One awesome tool for your intimate hygiene can be a bidet, especially if you’re pregnant or have limited mobility. It’s super easy to use and can help cleanse harmful bacteria. Additionally, if you find a well-equipped Australian bidet shop you can buy handy bidet attachments that are affordable and super easy to install. So, if you wash regularly, you’ll not need to worry about the smell.

Plus if there is an issue with the way your vagina smells, you should bring it up to your doctor immediately. You could have a yeast infection, STD, or an infection. These items need to be taken care of immediately.

5 Things Gynecologists Wish Every Woman Would Know

Please, Be Honest

Your doctor will usually ask you about your sex life, your gender preference and the type of sex you have (vaginal, oral, anal, etc.). These questions can help your doctor give you the best medical care, conduct the right tests and provide you with the right counseling. Your gynecologist will probably ask you how many sexual partners you’ve had and if you’re currently having a partner (or partners).

Try to be as honest as possible; no one is going to judge you. However, if you feel like you’re being judged and you don’t want to share your intimate details, it’s best if you start searching for a new doctor who will make you feel completely safe and relaxed.

Hopefully, you’re feeling much more relaxed now that you know what it is that your gynecologist cares about and what things they don’t even notice. Your next appointment will certainly be much smoother and less stressful.

5 Things Gynecologists Wish Every Woman Would Know

Have you been self-aware of these mishaps during your well-woman exam? Were you worried that your gynecologist would be worried about these issues?