5 Tips to Stopping Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is experienced by a large number of people. It is mostly signified by a sudden, sharp pain and is caused by a number of factors which includes sprain, improper movement of the spinal joints, vertebral fractures and other injuries which might occur in the occurrence of an accident. Other causes might be as a result of health conditions like arthritis or kidney infections, although in other cases, people suffering from obesity are also prone to lower back pain.

With the right steps, you can reduce and even stop lower back pain without having to undergo any form of surgical treatment. Here are effective tips on how lower back pain can be stopped and prevented from recurring.

Correct Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position and the quality of your beddings play a major role in reducing back pain. Soft beds and bedding which include soft pillows enable you to sleep better compared to sleeping on hard beds. How you sleep is also very important. While a doctor can advise you more on the best sleeping position, you can also put into practice these tips.

Sleeping on your stomach isn’t the best position. For those that sleep on their back, placing one pillow under the knees and another under the lower back is recommended. Alternatively, those that sleep on their side should pull up their knees towards their chest or place a pillow under their hips as they sleep.

Frequent Exercise

While most people might think that resting is the best way to tackle back pain, the truth is that it doesn’t. Exercising helps in reducing muscle tension, strengthens your muscles, enables your muscles to properly support your spine and lower back. Engage in exercises like walking which increases the flow of blood to the spine distributing the necessary fluids to your lower back.

During exercise, you can also make use of products like the stamina pro patch which you can purchase at staminapro.com and use during workouts. Alongside exercises, you need to take plenty of water, reduce or stop smoking and maintain a proper diet.

5 Tips to Stopping Lower Back Pain

Visit Your Doctor

Schedule visits with your doctor and go for tests at least once a year to ensure that your body is in good health, check for any complications and prevent any medical conditions from worsening. In case of back pains, you can also notify your doctor who will advise you on the necessary and effective treatment.

Maintain a Good Posture

Spending long hours sitting behind a desk or screen can be harmful to your lower back. If you have to, place a pillow behind your back, which you can lean on reducing the pressure exerted on your spine. Move around in between hours resting your back from sitting for long. Travelers who take long flights should also sit in a comfortable position to maintain a healthy back.

Properly Lift Heavy Items

Always monitor how you lift heavy objects since they can cause injuries when lifted incorrectly.

Back pain not only causes you pain, but it can damage your lower back and end up affecting your mobility and life. Preventing it from happening in the first place should be your main target, although in case it does occur, you can use the above tips to reduce and even stop it completely.

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