5 Ways Physiotherapy Can Eliminate Pain

Physiotherapy is a great way to relieve pain caused by injuries, illnesses or disabilities. It takes a holistic approach to the person’s health by looking not just at the injured part, but also at the person’s lifestyle. If you’re looking into visiting a physiotherapist, always find the credible ones like Performax Health Group. They’ll make sure to attend to your condition and diagnose you with care. To learn more about physiotherapy, here are 5 ways it helps eliminate pain and improve a person’s overall health:

It Involves Strengthening Exercises

A physical therapy area in the hospital looks nothing short of a gym. It is, in fact, a gym filled with different types of equipment. Your physiotherapist with often prescribe doing strengthening exercises to improve weak muscles. This also helps in preventing injuries from occurring again. Exercise programs come in a variety of forms and are targeted to specific muscle groups. Programs include anti-gravity routines, water resistance, band resistance, and body weight resistance.

5 Ways Physiotherapy Can Eliminate Pain

It Employs Low-Impact Aerobic Training

Low-impact exercises refer to sets of movements where minimal body force is required. The exercises often involve one foot staying on the ground. This includes walking, pedaling on a stationary bike, or doing squats. Low-impact exercises aid in a healthy recovery by keeping your cardiovascular strength in check. It also makes sure that you are active during the recovery period. Don’t confuse low-impact with low-intensity though. Exercises can be low-impact but high intensity depending on how hard you exert during the workout. It helps raise your heart rate and burn calories.

It Involves Stretching Exercises

Stretching is another way physiotherapy deals with pain. Even if your condition doesn’t hinder your range of movement, it’s still important to do some stretching exercises to help you heal faster. These programs can be done at home as long you know the proper routines and have practiced with your physician.

There are many types of stretching exercises. Each of them focusing on areas where you may be feeling pain and a certain restriction in movement. Your physiotherapy will know which exercises to prescribe, which targets your problem areas. The duration and intensity vary depending on your healing progress.

5 Ways Physiotherapy Can Eliminate Pain

It Improves your Balance

Balance exercises are important in making sure your vestibular and musculoskeletal systems are in check. A physiotherapy assessment will determine if you have any balance problems that need to be addressed. There are many benefits to doing balancing exercises. Aside from relieving pain due to improper posture, it also improves your joints and reduces the risk of falls. Exercises often include balancing on one foot or on a wobble board. Reaching exercises and dynamic exercises are also employed.

It Uses EMS (Electrical Muscular Stimulation)

EMS is a type of electrotherapy that helps relieve pain by applying electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contractions. This method helps strengthen weak muscles and aids in healing wounds. It’s generally advised for patients suffering from pain and is also recommended for maintaining muscle tone. EMS has a lot of benefits aside from pain relief. It promotes tissue healing, increases muscle strength, and also helps maintain and regain muscle activity.

Physical therapy is often necessary if you have been injured, ill, had certain types of surgery, or have a disability that affects your mobility. Finding a credible physiotherapist is key to helping you recover from an injury, illness, or surgery. Most of the time doctors urge patients to try physical therapy because it has been proven to help reduce or eliminate pain.

There are certain disabilities, such as rheumatoid arthritis, back injuries, muscular dystrophy, that need continuous and ongoing physical therapy to help prevent falls and keep your muscles strong. It is ideal for people who suffer from a moving disability to attend physical therapy whenever your doctor feels that your muscles are getting weak again.

5 Ways Physiotherapy Can Eliminate Pain

Have you ever had your doctor recommend that you go to physiotherapy? Did physical therapy help reduce your pain?