6 Ways To Have Pain-free, Healthy Hips

Your hips were made for walking, and many more important activities. Here are a couple ways to make sure they do exactly that without any pain.

Hips are one of those important body parts that you don’t really think about until they start to hurt.

And most of the time you only notice because hips that hurt or ache inevitably end up affecting most of the movement and activities that you do every day. It can also be tough because some problems that seem like they originate in your lower back or legs are in fact problems that stem from your hips.

There are some things we do all the time that can wear down our hips without us knowing it’s happening, and before you know it, you are at a surgeon’s office prepping for hip surgery in Idaho Falls, Idaho, or wherever you live.

But there are ways to be more conscious about your hips and how you treat them to prevent this from becoming inevitable.

Here are six ways to have pain-free and healthy hips to walk, exercise, and do pretty much all the things you need your hips to do.

6 Ways To Have Pain-free, Healthy Hips

Strengthen Inner and Outer Thighs

In order for your hips to last the long-haul, you need to build up the body parts and muscles that are going to help support your hips and keep them from getting injured easily.

Your outer and inner thighs are those muscles that you can build up and strengthen, which will also strengthen your hips. Strong muscles promote healthy hips and prevent injuries.

Begin the Day with Exercise

Not only is this great for your hips, but also for the rest of your body and your overall well-being.

Exercising in the morning can get your hips properly warmed up, which will lessen the chance of injury from stiff or weak muscles.

It will also give you the energy that you and your hips need to go about your busy day.

Take a Hot Bath

This is another thing that not only feels good and helps you relax, but it’s good for the days when your hips happen to hurt.
Hips that have arthritis are really going to benefit from a warm bath, but it’s also important to ask your doctor to check out your hips if they still hurt after hot baths or by applying a heating pad. It could mean there are other issues and the heat may be aggravating it.

6 Ways To Have Pain-free, Healthy Hips

Have a Good Stretch

Stretching before and after exercise is a great way to prevent injury and to also prevent hip pain.

There are certain types of stretches that can specifically target your hips, so if you want to know what those are, consult a physical therapist or your doctor and make sure to do them daily. The stretches taught by a physical therapist develops healthy hips.

Make Sure you Walk the Right Way

Sometimes we may not even realize that we had a hip injury and our body compensated for it with a certain type of walk or even slight limp.

If you feel irritated and notice your limp becoming deeper, or something doesn’t feel right when you walk, consult a physical therapist who can point out how you may be aggravating that injury with your stance or walk.

Let them help you get back to normal and sort out any unnecessary pressure on your hips. Prevent unnecessary pressure by nurturing healthy hips.

6 Ways To Have Pain-free, Healthy Hips

Talk to Your Doctor

Most of the time pain is a signal that something isn’t right, so it’s important to talk to a person who can identify what that is.

If you’ve been exercising, stretching, aren’t too overweight, and still feel pain in your hips, it’s time to talk to a doctor. Most of the time they can recommend non-surgical options, or they can let you know if hip surgery is needed to take the pain away for good.

Your hips are responsible for carrying your body weight and allows your legs to be able to move in a wide variety of positions due to the complex ball and socket joint. As we age, doctors often begin to see the signs of normal wear and tear in the hip joint. Keeping your hips healthy will help limit premature wear and tear and prevent hip pain.

6 Ways To Have Pain-free, Healthy Hips

Did you know that your hips carried the load of your body weight? Have you ever experienced hip pain? If not, following these tips can help keep pain-free, healthy hips.