60 Fitness Stocking Stuffers

60 Fitness Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is a little over 6 weeks away and if you are already looking for ideas on your shopping list, you have come to the right place. I have shared some awesome ideas already on our Holiday Gift Guide. There is something on the list for every people on your list who enjoys fitness or leading a healthy lifestyle. In our family, we don’t always buy each other a bunch of presents. However, we do fill each other’s stocking with fun gifts and candy. If you have someone on your list that leads a healthy lifestyle and enjoys working out all the time, candy might not be at the top of their list. Today, I wanted to share with you a huge list of over 60 fitness stocking stuffers for anyone on your list that enjoys fitness, living a healthy lifestyle, and even some camping/backpacking items on here.

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I hope that you enjoy this huge selection of stocking stuffers.

  1. jump rope
  2. gym membership
  3. itunes or google play credit
  4. meal replacement bars
  5. water bottle
  6. running belt
  7. fitness jewelry
  8. sports bra
  9. acel compression socks
  10. face wipes
  11. wireless headphones
  12. ipod shuffle
  13. sunglasses
  14. boxing gloves
  15. running socks
  16. yoga socks
  17. resistance bands
  18. yoga ball
  19. fitbit
  20. waterproof cell phone case
  21. hair ties
  22. workout dvds
  23. vitamins or health supplements
  24. cooling towel
  25. arm band for iphone
  26. lanyard for holding gym tag and key
  27. golf tees
  28. golf balls
  29. essential oils
  30. microfiber towel set
  31. interval timer and stop watch
  32. ear warmers
  33. gloves
  34. chapstick
  35. anti-stress ball
  36. hand sanitizer
  37. hand warmers
  38. lunch tote
  39. 21 day fix containers for portion control
  40. spiral slicer (great for making noodle alternatives)
  41. chia seeds
  42. swim cap
  43. swim goggles
  44. running head lamp
  45. running arm band
  46. energy tablets
  47. cliff bars
  48. dumbbells
  49. mini foam rollers
  50. fitness journal
  51. weight lifting gloves
  52. pony tail beanie
  53. weight lifting belt
  54. Leatherman Micra Multitool
  55. Lightload Towels for Camping/Backpacking
  56. Solar Charger
  57. Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet
  58. Compass
  59. First Aid Kit
  60. Portable Water Treatment Tablets

Hopefully, I have included a wide variety of 60 fitness stocking stuffers for anyone on your list that enjoys fitness, health, and camping/backpacking. Hopefully, this list provided you with enough stocking stuff ideas for the fitness guru on your list.

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Which of these 60 fitness stocking stuffers on this list would you enjoy? What are you hoping that you receive off my list?