7 Winter Exercise Tips for Safety and Motivation

Are you one of the many who continues with their workout routines even through the holidays? First, let us just say kudos to you. You are awesome. Second, we know how hard it can be to work out in the winter. So, our friends at Quality Home Fitness have put together this list of motivational and safety tips for your winter exercise routine.

Dress Dry

When you’re exercising outside in freezing temperatures, it is crucial to keep your body warm – but more than that, it’s important to keep your body dry. Naturally, you sweat if you’re getting a good workout in, so make sure you are wearing clothes that don’t hold the moisture in. Nobody deserves to get hypothermia for exercising, so dress right! Lightweight polyester is perfect for moisture wicking. Avoid cotton socks and clothing because they hold moisture.


This goes right in line with the previous tip. If you are exercising outside, dress in layers so if you do get too hot, you can remove layers and still be comfortable throughout the remainder of your workout. Cover your head and/or ears with a hat or headband, and wear gloves. Layer an insulating jacket over your polyester base, and wear a wind and water repellent outer layer.


Yes, this might be an obvious one, but it is especially important for your winter exercise routines even though you might not be sweating like you do in the summer time. In the winter, the air tends to be drier in the winter, so hydration is important not only for regular bodily functions but for keeping your skin protected. Drink plenty of water – at least 64 ounces a day – use lotion on your skin and apply lip balm often.

7 Winter Exercise Tips for Safety and Motivation

Wear Bright Colors

If you plan on running outside in the winter, then you should plan on picking up some brightly colored and reflective top layers – jacket, hat, pants. It’s easy to become invisible to drivers in the dreary winter weather, so take the precautions you need to keep yourself visible and safe. The last thing you need while enjoying a workout is to get hit by a car.

Take a Buddy

Outdoor workouts are always safer and more fun with a partner. If you’re struggling to stay motivated during the winter season, find someone to go on your daily runs with you. Having another person to hold you accountable for your workouts is a great way to stay motivated. And the extra person running beside you will make you more visible to passing traffic.

Warm Up Indoors

It’s hard to stay motivated to work out or go for that run in freezing weather. Try starting your winter exercise routine indoors with a good warmup that will get your heart pumping. Do some jumping jacks and pushups, feel the heat, and soon you’ll be glad to go outside in the cool air.

Step out of your Routine

If you are struggling to stay motivated this winter, maybe you need to deviate from your regular routine. Face it, running and working out in the cold weather just isn’t as fun. Try some new exercises that you’ve never done before. Take up yoga or pilates. A home builder, Clint Cook in Jackson, Wyoming, recommends enjoying exercise inside your beautiful home like kickboxing in the comfort of your living room. Do a Pinterest search for some alternative workouts.

Just remember if you are exercising outside, to dress appropriately and hydrate properly. And most importantly, have fun!

7 Winter Exercise Tips for Safety and Motivation

Do you enjoy exercising outdoors in the winter time? If not, what is your favorite winter exercise routine?