8 Awesome Reasons Why Working Out at Home is Better Than Going to the Gym

Are you tired of going to an overcrowded gym or tired of being hounded by the sales team to sign up for personal training? I know that you are probably questioning this theory and wondering how it could possibly be better to work out at home instead of at the gym. Don’t worry, you won’t need a bunch of expensive equipment in order to get the same benefits of going to the gym. Try these 8 awesome reasons why working out at home is better than going to the gym.

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Save Time

You will no longer spend your time sitting in traffic trying to get to and from the gym. Instead, you can focus on getting your workout done and over with possibly before you could have even made it to the gym on the way home from work.

Even if the gym is within 10 minutes of your home, you still spend over an hour in the car if you go to the gym several times a week. When you are ready to workout, can get right down to business and get it knocked out.

Avoid Those Awkward Situations

Have you ever accidentally let one rip in Yoga class and you were so embarrassed that you considered driving to the gym in another town just so that you wouldn’t have to possibly face those people ever again? Or had someone stare at you while you were working out on the treadmill? Let’s not forget those awkward moments in the bathroom too.

If you are working out at home, you can avoid all of those potentially awkward situations all together.

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No Waiting to Use the Equipment

Have you ever gone to the gym during peak time to discover that all of the elipticals, treadmills, bicycles, or other equipment was taken? Now you are at the gym and can’t start working out because there isn’t any equipment available for you to use.

Germs Galore

Most people who go to the gym don’t always clean the machines after they have finished using them and leave them coated in sweat. Plus, if you have ever stepped foot into the gym, it usually has a distinct smell and it typically is rather warm even if the air conditioner is running. Germs love breeding in a warm, moist environment like the gym. So next time you touch the machines, weights, or other equipment at the gym, you can remember me talking about it here. Even if the gym provides wipes and towels for you to use, you are probably still taking home a bunch of germs with you.

Save Money

Most gym memberships cost around $20 a month or more depending on the facility that you choose. Not to mention you are often stuck in a long term contract or they make it very difficult for you to cancel.

When my husband was going to the gym a few months ago, he was also approached every visit to meet with an personal trainer when he just wanted to get in there and get his workout done.

Even if you got a great deal on a gym membership, it still costs money to drive back and forth to the gym. Plus, if you get bored you can’t easily vary up your workout routine.

Working out at home doesn’t require a bunch of fancy equipment. You can buy the Insanity DVD by Shaun T program now and if you get bored with it, then it is easy to find another program without spending hundreds of dollars a year. Here are a few workout DVDs that I highly recommend: Shaun T Focus T25,  Shaun T Cize Dance Workout, and Hip Hop Abs by Shaun T.

Plus, there is a wide variety of free workout programs on YouTube.

You can also find a ton of full body workouts that don’t require more than a set of dumbbells or an exercise ball. While other full body workouts, don’t require any equipment at all.

Easier to Stay Motivated and Work Out Consistently

8 Awesome Reasons Why Working Out at Home is Better Than Going to the Gym

I personally think it is much easier to stay motivated and work out on a regular schedule when I workout at home. I am not worried if I will make a fool out of myself, wait in line for the equipment, or worry about burn out. Just leave a piece of workout equipment where you can see it on a daily basis or even schedule the time to do it. If you make it a priority, you can get the same if not better results working out at home.

Listen to Music Out Loud

I love listening to music when I am working out. However, earbuds can be a pain to stay in my ear or I have to turn them up way to loud in order to be able to hear the music over everything else going on when I am at the gym. Listening to music too loud for long periods of time can damage your hearing especially if you are doing this several times a week. Skip the gym and put on some good music so that you can do your own workouts at home.

No Baby Sitter No Problem

Do you have children? If so, this limits the time that you are available to go to the gym or you have to rely on the gym’s daycare in order to provide for your children. In the past when I had a gym membership, often times the gym was overcrowded or full so I would end up having to wait for another parent to finish working out and get their kids before I had a chance to go workout. The wait often varied.

I love working out at home because I can workout whenever it is convenient for me.


You can even change it up and workout outside too. There are a ton of fun ways to work out outside too.

Try these 8 awesome reasons why working out at home is better than going to the gym. At home you don’t have to deal with other people slowing you down. Plus, you can workout anywhere, anytime, even on the road.

What is your reason why working out at home is better than going to the gym?