7 Bad Habits that are Harming Your Eyes

Most of us make bad health decisions daily on a daily basis and we know it. We all know what lack of physical activity does to our bodies and how junk food affects our figure. However, not many people know how some bad habits affect their vision and eye health. So, here are some of the most common things people do that harm their eyes.

Not Wearing Prescription Glasses or Sunglasses

Wear glasses your doctor prescribed to you! If you don’t, you’ll squint which leads to eyestrain and pain. It’s also a common reason people have headaches.

Additionally, when you’re going outside, especially on a bright and sunny day, don’t forget your sunglasses. Good sunglasses will block UV rays that can damage your eyes with long exposure. Also, if you notice that you’re especially sensitive to light, sunglasses can alleviate the bright light and reduce eye pain, headaches, eye redness and blurred vision.

Not Using Safety Goggles

If your safety team at work insists you wear safety goggles, don’t mess around. Wear them no matter how silly you think you look. Additionally, buy a pair for home use, too. Many eye injuries happen at home while doing everyday chores or DIY projects, so don’t risk it.

Wear them while cleaning, especially if you use strong cleaning products with dangerous chemicals, like bleach, ammonia, and toilet or drain cleaner. Also, put them on when handling power tools, cutting wood or using hot styling tools.

Looking at Screens Too Much

7 Bad Habits that are Harming Your Eyes

Try not to look at your phone for hours at a time. Most cell phones contain a lot of tiny text you need to strain your eyes to read, which can result in eye pain, dryness, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. Actually, looking at any screen (and that includes TV, phone, computer, e-reader), especially in the dark before bed, is quite bad for your eyes. Your eyes have to work overtime to process rapid changes in light levels which causes extra eyestrain and pain. Plus, it also disrupts your sleep schedule!

Improper Wear of Eye Makeup

In theory, everything that comes near your eyes is a potential hazard and that includes eye makeup too. Mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and all eye creams can get into your eye and cause redness, irritation and even infections. So, be cautious when applying eye makeup and keep it ways from direct contact with your eye. Also, don’t use products that are expired, since bacteria thrive in moist and dark environments your makeup provides.

Rubbing Your Eyes

When your eyes are itchy and irritated, rubbing them might seem very tempting. However, you can rupture tiny blood vessels under the eyelid and make things even worse. Using a cold compress is a much safer way to ease irritation.

Falling Asleep with Contacts

7 Bad Habits that are Harming Your Eyes

Everyone who wears contacts has fallen asleep in them at least once. When you wake up, you usually get greeted with discomfort and irritation. Leaving your contacts in your eyes for long periods of time without giving your eyes a break. Constantly wearing contacts to sleep can also cause infections and even serious and permanent damage to the eye. Additionally, make sure to choose the right contacts for your eye, your conditions, and your lifestyle. Your safest bet is to opt for quality Biomedics contacts that are comfortable and convenient.

Unhealthy diet

Diet rich in citrus fruits, vegetable oils, nuts, whole grains, leafy greens, and fish is crucial for eye health. However, proper hydration is a key ingredient for good vision. You’ll produce tears and keep your eyes well-lubricated. Also, try to stay away from foods that are too salty, since they dehydrate your body.

If you recognize yourself in any of these bad habits, try your best to fix them and replace them with the ones that are good for your eyes. This way, you’ll have 20/20 vision long into the future. Don’t forget to schedule a yearly eye exam.


7 Bad Habits that are Harming Your Eyes

Are you guilty of these bad habits that could be harming your eyes?