Best Gift Ideas for Someone Losing Weight Without Hurting Their Feelings

Do you know someone on your Christmas list that is working hard on losing weight? When someone is losing weight, there are so many gift ideas that would be considered off limits or in poor taste to give this year for Christmas. Losing weight is very hard and most people don’t want a bunch of new clothes (unless they specifically asked for them) or food.

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We wanted to share our favorite gift ideas with you since we know what it is like to lose weight during the holidays. We came up with a list of the best gift ideas for someone losing weight without hurting their feelings.


It never fails when I actually find a set of headphones that don’t fall out while exercising, that I lose them or they end up going through the laundry. We have been using the #Deific Design Earbuds since May and they are our favorite set. These earbuds feature deep bass and crystal clear sound. We love that they are lightweight for wireless headphones and don’t constantly fall out your ears while you are exercising.

Deific Design Best Wireless Earbuds for Sound Quality and Working Out

Can you dunk your headphones in water? The Deific earbuds can be completely immersed in water and still work just like the day that you took them out of the box. These headphones haven’t made their way through the laundry yet and doing my best to avoid it since I don’t know if they were intended to be submerged in water for long periods of time.

They are compact and comfortable to wear. My other headphones just don’t compare to the sound quality that these headphones offer. Buy them now on Amazon.

Activity Tracker

You don’t have to purchase the latest and greatest fitness tracker if it isn’t in your budget. While most agree, the Fitbit is the most popular version and the brand that most people recognize, there are plenty of other fitness trackers that will live up to the challenge.

Find an activity tracker that has these features:

  • Fitness Wristband – Record your daily activity to track your fitness
  • Smart Tracker – Track steps taken, calories burnt and distance walked
  • Sleep Monitor – Monitor the quantity and quality of your sleep
  • Vibrating Alerts – Stay notified of calls, SMS, emails, social media and calendar notifications
  • Anti-Loss Alarm – Warning pulse when your phone or tablet is out of Bluetooth range

Buy an activity tracker here.

New Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Precision 550 Extra Wide Digital Bathroom Review

It is always difficult to determine how much weight you are losing if you don’t have an accurate bathroom scale in available to weight on a regular basis. So if the recipient doesn’t have a good bathroom scale, we suggest the EatSmart Precision 550 Extra Wide Digital Bathroom Scale.

It has a love bold, sleek design. This bathroom scale has a 550 lb capacity and is one of the highest in the consumer market. Most of the bathroom scales on the market only go up to 250 lbs or less.

We love that you can get an accurate weight. You don’t have to worry about trying to decipher what your weight. The scale doesn’t round up or down. It displays your exact weight in .2 lb increments.

One of my favorite features is the large 3.7″ LCD display with a blue backlight so that it is easy to read your weight from any distance or angle. All EatSmart bathroom scales includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a two-year warranty. You can purchase the EatSmart Precision 550 Extra Wide Digital Bathroom Scale here.

Digital Scale For Weighing Food

Most people who are physically fit also actively watch their caloric intake closely. A digital food scale helps make it easier to measure food portions so that they aren’t consuming too many calories. It helps make counting calories easier so that they can easily be logged into a food journal such as MyFitnessPal.

Music Subscription Service

I love listening to music when I am walking outside on the trail. I tend to find commercials very distracting and it is annoying that I can’t be in control of my playlist. Here are a few of my favorite music subscription services: Google Play, Pandora, and Spotify.

Frame Motivational Quotes

Weight loss can be discouraging at times so why not give a gift that will continue to offer hope when times are difficult. I found a ton of free motivational quote printables on Pinterest. Just find the one that speaks to you and print it out on cardstock. Cardstock is a bit heavier and the ink won’t bleed through the paper. Buy a nice frame to showcase it in their home.

21 Day Fix Containers

The 21 day fix containers helps make it easy to control your portions. Each container is color-coded and represents a food group. See the food groups below:

Green container = vegetables
Purple container = fruits
Red container = proteins
Yellow container = carbohydrates
Blue container = healthy fats and cheeses
Orange container = seeds, nuts, and dressings
Teaspoon = oils and nut butters

I find calorie counting fairly easy but other people don’t. This is where the 21-day fix containers come in to help make meal prep for losing weight easier. The containers help you determine the proper portions and you follow an easy to follow plan. You can more information about the 21-day fix here.

Purchase the 21-day fix containers on Amazon.

Insulated Tumbler

My favorite gift that I received from Santa last year, was the double insulated tumbler that I got in my stocking.  The double wall vacuum insulation helps maximum temperature retention and your beverage no longer cause your hands to get cold or hot if you are a huge coffee drinker. It even works great on the go too. The large 30 oz cup will also fit into your car’s cupholder. You can buy one on Amazon for less than $20.00.

Amazon Kindle Credit

Amazon Kindle credit is a great gift idea for someone who is trying to lose weight without offending them. With the credit, they can purchase a new book, cookbook, or even a magazine subscription to their favorite healthy living magazine.

Fitness Equipment

Does the person on your Christmas list have a home gym or do they spend time working out at home? Fitness equipment is expensive especially if you are just starting out. Here are a few ideas of fitness equipment that make great gifts that won’t offend anyone:

  • exercise ball
  • dumbells
  • kettlebell
  • resistance bands
  • adjustable exercise equipment
  • jump rope
  • foam roller
  • medicine ball
  • yoga mat
  • yoga strap
  • trx slam ball
  • ankle weights

Buying for someone who is losing weight can be a bit challenging. We hope that our gift guide has helped give you some ideas on what you can buy for someone who is trying to lose weight without offending them.

What gift ideas on this list would you love getting if you were trying to lose weight?