Best Summer Sports for Kids

With summer comes a lot of time for your children to try out new things. Whatever their ages, there are plenty of sports they can take in. Many are offered through the community and are a chance to spend time with kids from other areas of town. Others are private teams or nonprofit organizations that can be completely free or buy the best instruction your child could ask for.

If you want them to try something new but aren’t sure where to start looking, here are four classic sports they can join and four out-of-the-box sports they may want to give a try.


Soccer may be the most timeless sport available and the easiest to join. Community teams can have children starting as early as three or four years old. Because of its popularity, there are a variety of competitive and recreational teams as they get older as well, meaning they can choose how they want to play.


Baseball, tee ball, and softball offer great building blocks for hand-eye coordination and learning the structure and layout of a game. Baseball also has a variety of community and competitive teams, including traveling teams that can play games in neighboring cities or states.


Best Summer Sports for Kids

Another great one for hand-eye coordination is tennis. As your child takes turns on the tennis court and plays with and against different players, they will be able to get in a nice balance of fun play and friend-making that isn’t always possible with other classic sports.


For those who don’t like to play head-on with another team or athlete, dance is a great way to have fun alongside their peers while learning technical skills and improving their physical abilities. Other creative or choreographed sports with a balanced team-self focus are gymnastics and cheerleading.


Rugby is gaining more popularity in the United States and offers camps where your children and pick up athletic skills in a unique way. Younger children, starting around age seven or so, will begin learning the rules of the game with flag rugby and no contact.

As they get older, they’ll transition to the official rules where it may get exciting enough for a teammate or opponent to need emergency dental care. In areas with larger populations, you may find rugby programs as part of the community athletics.

Jump Rope

An all-around sport that’s great for any child is jump rope. There are private teams and some school clubs that your child can join. No matter their size or athletic abilities, there is something they can learn and they will get a full body workout. They’re able to learn single rope skills to improve on an individual level and move into team skills like double dutch, too.

Best Summer Sports for Kids


The starting age for archery is about ten years old and is usually offered through a club. If you have a shooting range or two nearby and a child who isn’t as restless as most, archery is a fun way to teach them athleticism with more focus on personal development and less focus on running across a field.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is gaining more prominence than ever before and is a similar option to soccer. Your children can start playing as a kindergartener or younger, and there aren’t too many rules for them to grasp before playing. Best of all, they really only need shorts and gym shoes so they can show up and start playing.

During the summer, the relaxed schedule causes kids to stay attached to a screen. Summer sports for kids is a great way to get them outside and keep them active. Summer fitness programs help prevent obesity and it keeps kids out of trouble too.

Best Summer Sports for Kids

Do your kids go off to summer camp or do they opt to find new summer sports to keep them busy?