Bucket List for an Active Lifestyle

Bucket lists are super popular on the Internet after Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman starred in the popular movie called “The Bucket List“. They created a list of things that they wanted to do before they passed away.  Now people are creating a wide variety of bucket lists for things they want to do including fitness and activities for a healthy lifestyle.

I wanted to create a bucket list to help newbies and fitness junkies alike to help maintain an active lifestyle and even try a few new activities. I have included a wide variety of activities that I think everyone would like or at least make a fair attempt at trying. The great thing about a bucket list is you can easily modify them to your liking and add additional items too. Think of a bucket list as a set of goals that you would like to accomplish in this lifetime.

A fitness bucket list is a list of fitness or healthy items that you can work to achieve and help maintain your healthy lifestyle. Use this worksheet as a guide and begin crossing off items on this list and work your way up to some of the harder challenges.

Use this bucket list how you see fit and I hope that you enjoy it. I shared it because a bucket list is a great way to motivate you to become healthier.

This worksheet is free for you to use and you are welcome to print it out.

Push Yourself to the Limit: Bucket List for an Active Lifestyle

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What item on this list would you love to try first?