Learn Why Dancing Is One of the Best Things for Your Body

There are many different forms of dance – from breakdancing all the way to salsa and Zumba. Dancing itself has always been a part of our culture, celebrations, and rituals. Today, dancing is about self-expression, recreation and overall having some fun with your friends and gaining social media popularity. However, besides being fun, it also has a wide range of benefits for our body, mind, and soul.

Memory Improvement

You are already familiar with the fact that sleeping and reading keep your brain sharp, but according to the Einstein Aging Study and the departments of neurology and social medicine, so does dancing. In other words, it is now proven that getting ‘footloose’ daily reduces the risk of dementia by more than 70 percent – which is as much as playing board games or any musical instrument.

Various health benefits

Dancing is a way to stay fit for people of all shapes, ages, and sizes. Besides this, it also has a huge range of health benefits such as improving the condition of your lungs and heart, increased endurance, muscular strength and motor fitness, increased aerobic fitness and improved strength and tone of your muscles, stronger bones, increased confidence and better social skills.

Of course, there are some general tips for this activity such as wearing layers of clothing so you can take some off when you warm up too much, do some warm-up stretches before beginning a session, drinking lots of water and moving as fluidly as you can. Also, don’t forget to stretch afterward as well.

Why Dancing Is One of the Best Things for Your Body

It Improves Balance

Just like carrying objects while you are walking, dancing can improve your balance and reduce the possibility of dangerous falls. This is extremely important for the elderly because just one fall can lead to a broken hip since their bones are a lot more fragile.

Anyone Can Do It

The most beautiful thing about dance is that it is inclusive. In other words, when it comes to exercise, some people are embarrassed because they don’t have the skill set to perform them the right way, while dancing is something that everybody loves and is able to do – from toddlers to retirees.

If you are nervous about dancing in front of other people, you are free to dance in your living room – and never feel intimidated if you think you are a bad dancer (after all, who cares?). Focus entirely on zoning out and feeling good.

Little to No Props Needed

This is an activity that can be done anywhere without having to go to the gym or having any equipment. There are no workout tools, there are no machines or weights – all you need is you, your friends and maybe a few shiny dance trophies if you want to keep things a little bit competitive.

You can do it in the club, you can do it on the street, you can do it in your home, on the bus – wherever and whenever you feel like it, you can just get up and dance.

It is Gentle on Your Body

The huge variety of moves that we bust out while dancing is very beneficial to our bodies, as we are avoiding constant and repetitive motions. In other words, since we are constantly combining different exercises together while we’re dancing, we are triggering more areas then when doing regular low-impact cardio aerobic exercises.

While cardio is vigorous and structured, dancing is free and allows us to adjust the tempo to our body. It is free-flowing and less traumatic for our body.

Why Dancing Is One of the Best Things for Your Body

It is Just So Fun

Just like the treadmill, dancing also releases endorphins and serotonin – but in a definitely more fun way. While you are dancing, you will probably think: “Oh, I’m not exercising – I am just busting a few moves” while in reality, you are moving around and burning calories.

So go ahead, play some music and start dancing like nobody’s watching. It is for your own health after all.

Learn Why Dancing Is One of the Best Things for Your Body

Do you enjoy dancing for exercise? Did you know that dancing had these great health benefits too?