Drug Addiction Is Just A State Of Mind

Drug Addiction Is Just A State Of Mind

Why do people get addicted? What is the kind of feeling that they like so much in the beginning and get addicted to it in the course of time? Well, I am not an addict but after interviewing several addicted people and getting feedback from the people who deal with addicted persons in clinics and rehab centers, I have come to know a few things that can provide you some insights into the matter. Almost all of them including the addicts agreed uni-vocally that it is more a state of mind that make people catch addiction and eventually grow fondness to it.

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Many People Use To Cover Up Problems

Alcoholics tell a similar story with the only difference that instead of perceiving the things and objects around them in a different light as it happens in case of drug addicts they become fond of alcoholic beverages mainly because after drinking a few drinks they feel exuberant, happy, light-hearted and less gloomy than their natural state of mind. So, people take up alcohol to leave the burden off the turmoil of living, relationship and other petty or big setbacks in life, at least for the time being. You can argue over it but it is the case with most people. Obviously, there are some people who drink just to augment their feeling of happiness over a certain thing.

Some people also use it to mask their chronic pain symptoms. Mixing alcohol or other illegal drugs with prescription medications can be a deadly mix.

People Need Mental Strength to Make Proper Decisions

So, if it is just a state of mind then why people can alter it for their benefit? If it is just a mental phenomenon that can be noticed and taken control of, why people become a slave to it? Well, while all these questions only show the helplessness of the addicts in being incapable of making the simplest of efforts, this also offers us the scope of going deeper into their psychology and find the key to this deadlock.

Let me tell you mental strength is not born all of a sudden. Just like your muscles, your mind needs to be developed to become strong enough to decide sternly against certain weaknesses. Just telling your mind about good and bad things won’t help until he gets disillusioned of the spell of certain addictions he is fascinated with. Now, just by telling him to strengthen his mind and renounce a habit would not make any consequence.

Drug Addiction Is Just A State Of Mind

Therapy Helps Bring Back Self-Confidence

Rather, by devising other measures you need to bring back self-confidence in him and the people around him. Once his confidence is back and begins to see how the people around him care for his well being he will gain resoluteness and strength. Only then, your counseling against the drug addiction will give a positive outcome. Remember, so-called health notions concerning the effects of drugs seldom make any difference to an addict. Moreover, often the withdrawal effect becomes so torturous and turbulent that nothing else in such moments can deter him from grabbing his quota of drug or alcohol.

As rehab specialists often suggest, in such moments some kind of favorable distraction can really come to aid. Just provide him his favorite pastime and anything he likes or prefers to engage with only to let him stay distracted for as long as possible. Stay close and amuse him in every possible way to allow the time pass. Slowly over time, he will get rid of it.

Do you know someone who has suffered from a drug addiction? Did they have to help from a trained therapist or rehab center?