Feeling Great 4 Common Bad Health Culprits

Are you doing everything possible to safeguard your health? Even the most health-conscious among us are often so focused on diet and exercise that we might overlook a whole host of other factors that affect our bodies. Are your daily habits keeping you strong, healthy, and full of energy? Or do they drain your vitality and leave you vulnerable to illness? Check yourself in these important areas.

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Seasonal Allergies

Pollen in the air can do more than make you sneeze. Allergies deplete your energy and can leave you feeling too tired and lethargic to exercise. Your home should be a refuge from pollen, where you can relax and recover after time outdoors, but if there are allergens in your house, you’ll have no refuge from irritants. You can drastically reduce the allergen levels in your home with a few simple maintenance tasks, like vacuuming your upholstery regularly and rinsing your welcome mat.

Extended Sitting

Even if you are getting in regular workouts, you might be spending too much time in a chair. People with desk jobs can sit for as long as eight or nine hours each day; if you come home and unwind in front of the television or internet or with a book, it’s easy to spend 11 hours a day seated. Spending that many hours a day in a chair can significantly affect your health and even increase your risk of premature death by as much as 40 percent. Consider a standing desk, pace while on the phone, and find other ways to get out of that chair.

Late-Night Snacking

Evening snacking is a habit that destroys your health in myriad ways. For one thing, your willpower is often at its lowest point late in the day. Very few people are reaching for lean protein as their late-night snack. Some people’s bodies crave simple carbs for their sedative properties. In fact, evening carb snacking that equals more than half your calorie intake for the day can signal a sleep disorder. Some people also crave fatty or spicy foods at bedtime, like pizza, that can not only lead to weight gain but also interfere with a good night’s sleep.

Poor Sleep Schedule

Feeling Great 4 Common Bad Health Culprits

Sleep is essential to good health, but even people who pride themselves on their healthy eating and exercise habits often ignore the importance of a good night’s sleep. Your body needs sleep to restore itself and to heal from everything you put it through all day. Lack of sleep can lead to subtle health issues like weight gain or can cause accidents while driving or at work that can suddenly devastate your health. Maintaining a regular bedtime and getting enough rest every day is a simple and important health habit.

Watching what you eat and working out are vital to maintaining a lean, strong, healthy body. But don’t ignore subtle factors like managing your chair time, controlling allergens, and getting the right amount of rest. Building good health means developing a complex group of healthy habits that protect your whole body from illness and degeneration.

Do which one of these bad habits do you need to work on?