How to Get Back Into Shape After Pregnancy

Ask any woman who has given birth – your body changes. Skin stretches and retracts, you gain and lose weight, and some of your features might even change. You’re creating new life and it’s completely normal that your body changes. While you are pregnant, you do have to take it easy with exercise and your cravings might take over from time to time, making you put on more than just baby weight. After birth, a lot of women want to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies, but it’s important you do it the right way, staying healthy while you do it.

When is the Right Time to Start?

After giving birth, it’s important to let your body heal. Doctors encourage women to start walking around after a day or two – as soon as you feel ready to do so – in order to speed up the healing process.

After a week, you can start going on half an hour walks every day, and after a few weeks you can go on to light jogging. However, you have to listen to your body, and if you notice that you’re bleeding more or feeling pain afterward, consult your doctor, because there might be some bigger problems happening.

Whatever you choose to do to get your body back into shape, make sure that you are taking it slow and that you are talking to your doctor and your trainer about what the best exercise is for your body at this moment.

Find Appropriate Programs

If you were exercising a lot before you got pregnant, you have to understand that your body can’t jump right back into the same regime right away. Many yoga and fitness studios will offer special programs for post-pregnancy and they are led by people who know exactly what your body will take.

Try working with a personal trainer, talk to them to make sure that the program is adapted to your current capabilities.

Even if you feel like you can do a lot more, you should still take it easy at the beginning. You can even find some mommy&me programs that will help you slowly get back into shape while bonding with your child at the same time.

How to Get Back Into Shape After Pregnancy

Have the Right Clothes

Postpartum is messy, there’s no going around it. You are bleeding, leaking and in general, your body is not really cooperating. But there are ways you can go around that!

Your breasts might be a lot larger than you are accustomed to, and they will need the extra support. You should get a good sports bra and wear it whenever you are exercising to minimize the pain and discomfort.

As far as bottoms go, make sure you get a pair that is supportive and in a dark color to conceal any potential stains. The Mammojo leggings are a perfect choice because they are custom made for ladies who have recently given birth.

You might find yourself in need of your pregnancy clothes for a while longer than you thought, so make sure you hold onto them before you can fit back into your regular clothing.

Getting back into shape is a goal for many women, but it’s still important to put your health before the shape and size that your body assumes. Make sure that you are giving your body the rest it deserves and your child all the attention that it needs.

After all, postpartum bodies are just as beautiful as their pre-pregnancy counterparts and there is nothing to be ashamed of if you have such a body. Be proud of the strength your body has and take care of it so you can be there for your child whenever they need you.

How to Get Back Into Shape After Pregnancy

How did you get back in shape after your pregnancy?