5 Major Health Conditions That Need Prompt Attention

Most of the pains and aches that we feel randomly or frequently are not something that we should worry about. However, there are also some major health conditions that we should look out for any symptoms of a problem. These major health conditions may need immediate medical attention. Your body will communicate important signals to signal that something is wrong. Don’t ignore these signals because it could be something that you should be concerned about.

These are some symptoms of these 5 major health conditions that need prompt medical attention.

Significant Weakness in Your Legs and Arms

It isn’t normal for your legs or arms to feel weak or feel numb.  Please schedule an appointment or go to the emergency room if you feel weak or numb in your face, leg or arm are signs of stroke. A stroke or heartache are serious problems and it needs to be treated immediately to avoid long-term problems.

The symptoms of a stroke include dizziness, trouble balancing, and walking. If you happen to experience these symptoms, get help quickly to avoid risks of long-term disability caused by stroke.

Guillain-Barré syndrome is rare nerve disorder that causes leg weakness in your legs, arms, and other muscles. Without treatment, this rare syndrome could lead to long-term paralysis.

Myasthenia gravis, a rare, chronic disorder that causes weakness and rapid muscle fatigue.

Muscle weakness after going for a walk or lifting weights is normal. It can take a few days for your muscles to repair themselves. But you should seek medical advice if your muscles are constantly fatigued or weak.

Chest Pains

Feeling chest pains regardless of its severity should never be treated lightly.  You should seek medical help as soon as possible. Don’t ignore the signs and symptoms of chest pain. Chest pain can signal that you are having a heart attack and getting care quickly can improve your chances of survival.

Chest pains that are associated with nausea, shortness of breath, pressure, and sweating. If you have these symptoms you should be assessed by a medical professional promptly. Go to the nearest emergency room now.

It is a symptom that is associated with a heart attack, heart disease or a blood clot in your lungs. Please don’t ignore chest pains. It is better to go to the doctor and it be a small problem.

Blood in the Urine

There are several reasons that you may see blood in your urine every time you pee. If you happen to feel a lot of pain on your back or your side while peeing, then you may have kidney stones. Kidney stones are formed by salts and minerals in your kidney.  Then the stone moves down the urethra. The urethra is the tube that carries the urine as you urinate.

Most of the time, kidney stones will just pass through your body every time you pee, but there are also some severe cases where an operation is necessary to remove the kidney stones.

If you also happen to feel urgent needs to urinate or feel a burning sensation while peeing then, you may have a kidney infection, severe bladder infection or worst case scenario could mean that you have kidney or bladder cancer.

5 Major Health Conditions That Need Prompt Attention

Wheezing While Breathing

Anything that would attribute to breathing problems should immediately be treated. If you happen to hear a whistling sound while breathing, then you should consult a medical professional right away. Wheezing is caused by a simple allergy or asthma, it may also be caused by something as worst as a lung disease, bronchitis or pneumonia.

Unusual Bleeding

Some examples of unusual bleeding would consist of bloody vomits, tarry or black stools and rectal bleeding. These symptoms may indicate an ulcer, tuberculosis, lung and colon cancer. Unusual bleeding is a very serious symptom that needs immediate attention from a medical professional and should not be taken lightly.

Though there are symptoms that were mentioned earlier that require immediate attention. Depending on which of these 5 major health conditions that you are experiencing,  you may or may not need to run to the doctor in the middle of the night but you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

You know your body more than anyone else, therefore, it is best that you are aware of what is going on. Let your doctor know of any inconsistencies so that they can make the best diagnosis and give you the proper medication.

5 Major Health Conditions That Need Prompt Attention

Have you ever experienced any of these 5 major health conditions?