How to Prevent Personal Injuries at the Gym

Most gyms or health clubs have you sign a waiver form to try to deter you from filing a lawsuit in the event that you are injured. The limited liability form that you signed when you signed up for your gym membership may prevent you from taking legal action against the gym. But this form doesn’t fully protect the gym. If you have suffered an injury at the gym, you a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, such as Winters and Yonker in Tampa, FL, to help you determine if you have a case against the gym.

Depending on the type of accident that you had, it is possible that you can challenge their limited liability form in court. We suggest that you keep a copy of all of the documents that you have signed including the limited liability form in case of an accident.

How to Prevent Personal Injuries at the Gym

After an accident occurs, you need to notify the manager on duty and take photos if possible. Keep a record of the names and phone numbers of people that you talk to including any witnesses. Then seek medical attention for your injuries. Do ask for a copy of any tests, imaging results, and doctors notes. Then take all of your documentation to a reputable personal injury attorney Tampa to determine if you have a personal injury case against the gym.

Today, we wanted to share some tips on how to prevent personal injuries at the gym. Preventing personal injuries at the gym will help protect yourself so that you can reap the health benefits of working out.

Watch Out for Slippery Floors

Watch out for slippery floors. A slippery floor can result in slips and falls. The personal on duty at the gym are responsible for keeping the floors clean and to put up caution signs if the floor is wet. If you notice a spill, we suggest notifying an employee of the spill so that they can clean it up quickly.

Avoid Trips and Falls

Always pay attention to your surroundings. The gym is filled with a variety of different exercise equipment. Some of the exercise equipment can be moved by other patrons and as a result, you could trip over a set of dumbbells, exercise mats, or any other equipment that can be moved. If you see equipment lying on the floor, you can either put it away or notify an employee.

How to Prevent Personal Injuries at the Gym

Read the Directions on Each Piece of Equipment

There are a variety of weight machines at the gym is an attractive feature for more gym goers. Each weight machine is designed to target different muscle groups. The machines always have detailed instructions on how to properly use it. It is very important to follow the directions for each machine in order to prevent injury.  If you still aren’t sure how to use a machine, we suggest that you ask an employee or schedule a session with a personal trainer. A personal trainer, at most gyms, offers one on one consultations for a nominal charge in addition to your monthly gym fee. We feel that paying for one or two sessions with a personal trainer is worth the extra expense so that you avoid injuring yourself at the gym.

Not Selecting the Right Amount of Weight for Machines

The machines are designed to allow gym goers to customize the amount of weight used by changing the pin selection. To select the weight you want, simply move the pin to the proper weight. Do check the pin for any damage.

It is important to select the correct amount of weight in order to avoid injury. We suggest that you start smaller than what you think that you can safely lift. Greatist recommends that you start 50% less than what you think you can lift and try a few reps. Remember that even a lighter weight can give you an adequate workout. After several sessions at that weight level, you can slowly increase it as you get stronger.

Using Broken Equipment

Never use any gym equipment that is broken or doesn’t work properly. If you find it broken and there isn’t a sign on the machine, please notify the manager on duty. Using broken equipment can result in personal injury. For example, don’t use a treadmill that is missing the cover over the motor or use a weight machine that has a torn cable.

To prevent gym injuries, which could result in personal injury, you should take the proper precaution when you head to the gym to workout. While the limited liability form that you signed when you signed up for your gym membership, was designed to make you liable for any accident that happens while on their premises. However, it is possible that the gym could be held responsible for your personal injury. Please speak to a personal injury lawyer to discuss your particular case to determine if you have a case against the gym.

Do you go to the gym or a health club to exercise? Have you ever wonder what would happen if you faced personal injuries at the gym?